Inslee By Design: October Edition

Inslee By Design October Illustration for Layla Grayce
Inslee By Design

“Mom, relax. This isn’t what you think it is!” Sometimes you can admire a beautiful cradle for no reason at all! Inslee Haynes here, and this month I thought I’d try my hand at sketching/styling a baby’s space, all sugar and spice and everything nice. I believe that when it comes to designing for little girls, it can’t be too beautiful, too floral or too feminine.

Infancy is the only time in a girl’s life when she’ll let her mother both A) dress her, and B) make a pale pink wonderland for her to sleep in. So, I say go for it! In a few years she’ll ask if you can repaint it “dark purple sparkly”… trust me, I once asked for this to be done to my bedroom around age 8.

This sketch showcases the beautiful, ornate upholstered AFK Cradle. Isn’t it fit for an angel? And of course, I believe in starting them young when it comes to fashion education so these vintage paintings of Barbie are the perfect wall art for a baby room. I also included the beautiful Dash & Albert Rug. The vintage feeling floral reminds me of the beautiful fabrics and patterns that decorated my own bedroom when I was little (before the purple sparkle years). 

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