Style Guide: Mixed Media

Layla Grayce Fashion: Mixed Media
From left to right: Ella Moss Vida Dolman Taupe Knit Top, Kirra Tate Gold Rings Earrings, San Diego Hat Company Black Tweed Cap, Rosanna Ink Blot Purple and Charcoal Handbag, Pine Cone Hill Charmed Scarf, T-Stripe Scarf, Gorjana Acacia Drop Earrings, Plenty by Tracy Reese Pomegranate Shirt Dress, Kendra Scott Slate Tobin Ring, DwellStudio Kids Chocolate Dots Madison Diaper Bag

Each season, the runways bring us new and cutting-edge trends. For most of us (everyone who isn’t Carrie Bradshaw), these trends are not meant to be replicated exactly, but to serve as inspiration. A good way to know if a trend is worth trying is to give it a season before you test it out. If the trend carries over from spring to fall, you’re in the clear; if it fades after one season, trust us, you will be glad you sparred yourself a Lady Gaga look-a-like moment! One trend that has been holding strong is mixed prints. When done correctly, it creates interest and dimension to what would otherwise be a basic ensemble. We here at Layla Grayce have put together two foolproof looks to help you become a master of mixed media. We have paired the Ella Moss Vida Dolman Taupe Knit Top with Pine Cone Hill’s Scarf in Charmed and accessorized the look with San Diego Hat Company’s Tweed Cap in Black and Rosanna’s Ink Blot Handbag in Purple and Charcoal. Be sure to temper your look with more basic jewelry selections, such as Kirra Tate’s Gold Rings Earrings or a classic pair of gold hoops. The trick to mastering this trend is to stay in the same color family. The prints do not have to be the exact same colors, but mix jewel-tone prints with other jewel-tones and pastels with other pastel prints for an on-trend look you won’t look back on with the same not-so-fondness you now feel for scrunchies!

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