Giveaway and q&a with Nook Sleep

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Giveaway and Q&A with Nook Sleep from Layla Grayce

With plush, eco-friendly style, Nook Sleep’s sophisticated nursery collection lends the perfect support for a little one’s dreamy slumber. To show our love for this innovative brand, we’re giving away the Nook Niche Misty feeding pillow! Follow the instructions below to enter for a chance to win!

Giveaway and Q&A with Nook Sleep from Layla Grayce

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Q&A with Nook Sleep

We recently sat down with the team at Nook Sleep to learn more about their safe, healthy and modern collection of nursery products. Focusing on all-natural materials like organic cotton and eucalyptus, this fabulous line offers a variety of stain and water-resistant mattresses, play mats, crib sheets, feeding pillows, lounge chairs and more for nurseries, playrooms and bedrooms. Read our Q&A with Nook Sleep below! To shop the entire collection, click here. All orders over $99 ship free!

LG: What sets Nook mattresses apart from other brands?  
Nook: Nook is more than just a mattress company, and our mattresses reflect that. Visually what sets us apart is our look; we are the only mattress available that looks just as good with or without bedding. The Pebble fabric not only looks great but is also super soft, which makes it comfortable for kids to sleep on directly. Our Pebble Wrap is completely removable and machine washable as well as water and stain-resistant. This means there is no need for a mattress cover or protector. On the inside, the core of the mattress and all materials are completely breathable and encourage air flow throughout the nursery, which helps keep babies safe. We use all non-toxic materials, offer an organic and natural option, and do not use any chemical fire retardants on any of our products!

LG: What basic principles guide the design and production of Nook products?
Nook: All Nook products are designed with breathability, safety and ease of use in mind. We spend lots of time researching and searching for the best non-toxic materials for our products.  It is also very important to us to take the Earth into consideration, so we try to use renewable, sustainable and recyclable materials as much as possible. Lastly, we know parents are busy and kids are messy, so we make all of our products easy to clean. If it doesn’t have a removable and machine washable cover, then you can throw the whole item in the washer!

LG: Are your fabrics stain and water-resistant?
Nook: Anything with the Pebble fabric is bathed in nanosphere, which makes it stain and water-resistant. When creating our products, it’s always important to us that they be easy to clean.

LG: Does your fabric maintain its look and feel throughout time and many, many washes?
Nook: Yes! Every time you wash and dry our fabric, all of the benefits like the zinc and nanosphere are recharged.

LG: What are the benefits of the Pebble fabric?
Nook: Besides being really cool looking, the peaks and valleys in the Pebbles allow for increased airflow and circulation, which is very important in a nursery. Additionally, lots of children like the way it feels and enjoy rubbing their hands on the pebble texture to soothe themselves to sleep.

LG: What are the benefits of your new Pebble Lounger?
Nook: Our Pebble Lounger is a really fun and different type of product for Nook. We created it as an item for our growing Nook customers who are not babies anymore. The Lounger is great because when we say 18 months and up, we mean it. It really works for the whole family. Kids love it because it’s their own little spot that’s perfectly sized and super comfortable. Moms like it because it allows them back support when they sit on the floor with their children. And we’ve had lots of dads buy Loungers as gaming chairs for their family rooms!  The cover of the Lounger is removable, machine washable and waterproof, so it’s a great place to let kids have snack time without worrying too much about the mess. It really is the ultimate portable family chair.

LG: What organic materials are your fabrics made from?
Nook: Our Pebble fabric is made from organic cotton and eucalyptus fiber. Our sheets and blankets are made from 100% organic cotton.

LG: Is your changer compatible with the majority of dressers/changing tables?
Nook: Yes, our ChangePad is made to fit the most popular changing tray size.

LG: Are your mattresses and ChangePad compatible with other sheets and covers?
Nook: Yes, our mattresses and ChangePad can be used with any standard size crib sheet or changing pad cover. For sheets, we do recommend a fabric like cotton to maintain the breathability of the mattress.

LG: If you were to select one Nook item as a “must-have” for Layla Grayce customers, what would it be and why?
Nook: The one “must-have” Nook item is our LilyPad because it is so versatile. We created it for baby tummy time, but we were quick to discover it is great for so much more. You can attach stroller toys to the clips to create an activity mat, take it with you as a travel mattress instead of a portable crib, and use it as a soft play space for little ones on hardwood and tile floors. Since the LilyPad is completely machine washable, it’s also great for use outdoors! You can take it to the park or beach (just shake out the sand), use it as a comfy seating area at soccer games, or even use it as a dog bed. All of our dogs at Nook use LilyPads as dog beds and love them!  When it gets dirty, just throw it in the washing machine and let it air dry. Then fold it back up, and you are good to go again!

Giveaway and Q&A with Nook Sleep from Layla Grayce

Sumptuously soft, Nook Sleep’s collection of mattresses, pillows and loungers transform any space into the perfect spot for relaxation! This cozy line offers plush comfort for babies, kids and parents. Shop the entire collection here.

Giveaway and Q&A with Nook Sleep from Layla Grayce

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