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Introducing exclusive pigeon & poodle home accessories

Pigeon and Poodle Salerno Bath from Layla Grayce Pigeon & Poodle Salerno Soap Pump, Tray Set

Just in time for hosting out-of-town guests and holiday parties, we’ve exclusively released the Pigeon & Poodle home accessory collection! Rooted in a belief that it’s the little things that make the biggest impact in your home, Pigeon & Poodle created a captivating collection of handmade seagrass baskets, canvas bar tools, hair-on-hide picture frames and capiz shell bathroom necessities. We can’t get enough of this line, so we’re giving you a sneak peek of their must-have styles!

Pigeon & Poodle Lindon Yellow Basket Set from Layla Grayce Pigeon & Poodle Sedona Medium Handle Basket

Fashioned like a classic medicine bag, the Sedona basket leaves us dreaming of a seaside vacation. While you may not be able to skip town for time on the coast, you can at least capture that lush resort-esque aesthetic in your own bedroom or bath with this sophisticated woven seagrass container.

Pigeon & Poodle Lambeth Chambray Coaster Set from Layla Grayce Pigeon & Poodle Lambeth Chambray Coaster Set, Cocktail Shaker, Ice Bucket, Tray

Since retro bar carts are popping up everywhere in contemporary home design, it’s essential to have cocktail-mixing tools on hand! Pigeon & Poodle’s Lambeth canvas and stainless steel coasters, trays, shakers and ice buckets offer the perfectly practical and effortlessly stylish solutions for entertaining guests.

Pigeon & Poodle Lindon Yellow Basket Set from Layla Grayce Pigeon & Poodle Yuma Basket

If you love when everything in the home is in its proper place (or dream of that kind of organization!), you’ll swoon for Pigeon & Poodle’s extensive line of handwoven seagrass and abaca fiber baskets. Whether you favor the colorful array of the Middleton nesting baskets or the classic rectangular Yuma container, each bin stows everyday essentials while offering a charming decorative touch.

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