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Inslee By Design: January Edition

Inslee Haynes January Illustration for @LaylaGrayce
Inslee By Design

Happy Awards Show season everyone! This may be the darkest and coldest month of the year here in NYC, but it is the most glamorous time of the year for stargazing as celebrities suit up in red carpet finery out west. Thank goodness for the Oscars! I feel warmer just looking at the beautiful people! All the glitz and glamor on TV has me inspired to get a little sparkly myself. Wouldn’t this Tracy Reese Frock be perfect for a mid-winter black tie event? I love the metallic shimmery disks on the front and the sleek exposed zipper down the back. This kind of dress was made for January.

Celebrate With Kate: First Birthday Party

Kate Landers Party Design for a First Birthday 0Event concept, design and styling: Kate Landers Photography: Liza Voll

Kate Landers Party Design for a First Birthday 3Event concept, design and styling: Kate Landers Photography: Liza Voll

Kate Landers Party Design for a First Birthday 1Event concept, design and styling: Kate Landers Photography: Liza Voll

Kate Landers Party Design for a First Birthday 4Event concept, design and styling: Kate Landers Photography: Liza Voll

Kate Landers Party Design for a First Birthday 2Event concept, design and styling: Kate Landers Photography: Liza Voll

This is Kate Landers, thrilled to share with you a most darling personal event: our son Noah’s First Birthday Celebration! As an event stylist I have always recognized what a milestone event a first birthday is. As a mom, I have experienced first-hand the emotions and tremendous joy that comes along with celebration the first twelve months with your little one. I invite you to enjoy the beautiful images that captured a most perfect birthday celebration.

1. We opted for a very intimate family affair, 15 guests. Also, for the sake of Noah and other little ones, we kept the party at a manageable length of one hour.

2. We held the party mid-afternoon, offering a simple menu of birthday cake and a few special sweets, doubling as party favors, on the dessert table. This is also keeps your party within a reasonable budget.

3. Hiring a professional photographer allowed us to relax as parents, and feel fully present for this special day. It was an investment I highly recommend. Liza was able to capture precious moments as well as event details I normally would fuss over as a stylist.

4. Noah has a favorite giant teddy bear that he loves to tackle and snuggle, who served as inspiration for the party theme. The soft blue, yellow and tan color palette kept the event sweet and “baby”–celebrating his first 12 months of life. Loralee Lewis created a most darling paperie collection that everyone adored.

5. I thoroughly enjoyed hand-crafting (with my husband Ryan’s help!) pom poms for party hats I made. They were also displayed as soft toy balls, paired with the yellow polka dot boxes representing baby blocks, making for crafty centerpieces.

6. Noah had his very own “smash cake,” while guests enjoyed a soft blue ruffled cake filled with whipped cream and strawberries. Smash Cakes are fabulous for that infamous first birthday portrait!

7. Garden chairs and floor-length table linens created a clean palette for styling this event. The 3′ white balloons from The TomKat Studio also filled the celebration space with white. I used wide satin ribbons to tie them to the back of chairs, making them perfect for little guests to carry home.

8. I fell in love with the “Noah” banner created by Loralee Lewis, and we now have it hanging in his room, a charming way to remember this milestone celebration.

9. Inviting long-distance friends and family members to create items for the party can be a wonderful way to celebrate your child’s party with them. My dear friend Lynn made the gorgeous fine-wale pale blue corduroy overalls Noah wore, while my good friend Ruth monogrammed them.

10. Guests signed cards leaving “Warm Fuzzy Birthday Wishes” for Noah to read and enjoy for many years to come. I cannot wait to put together his first birthday book, another way to let the celebration continue!


Inslee By Design: December Edition

Inslee Haynes Christmas Illustration for Layla Grayce
Inslee By Design

Home for the holidays! It’s time to pop the champagne and gather round the bar (cart) to celebrate the end to another great year and look forward to ringing in 2013. This beautiful cart would make any holiday gathering feel even more festive, fully stocked with all the classics of course.

Merry merry! See you next year!

Streamlining Your Decor For The New Year By Simply Grove

Read on for top tips from Simply Grove on streamlining your decor for the New Year!

New Decor For the New Year from Layla Grayce
1. DwellStudio Home Throw Blanket 2. Gold Mirror Tray 3. Jonathan Adler Scroll Wallpaper 4. Aidan Gray Wire Baskets 5. Worlds Away Oval Wastebasket 6. Arteriors Amber Glass Table Lamp 7. Bungalow 5 Silver Leaf Mirror 8. DwellStudio Home Eva Pillow

As the New Year approaches, I’ve been contemplating ways to simplify my life. One way I have found is to be more intentional in my decor. I want to own things that have value for years to come and that can be multi-functional. A few ideas are purchasing storage items that can be used as decor. Also, create a design palette that you have loved for more than 6 months, and decorate around that. Using timeless pieces will help your wallet in the end.

Layla Grayce offers decor pieces that won’t break your bank but look like a million bucks. I have chosen a few items that I know will look gorgeous in any space and that you will love for years to come. Let’s ring in the New Year with a fabulously intentional space!

New Year’s Eve Fashion by Simply Grove

Time to get dolled up! The fashion savvy blogger Kirsten of Simply Grove shares the fancy wares she’d love to don on New Year’s Eve..

layla grace new years fashion
1. Santi Black Lace Clutch 2. Kendra Scott Allegra Lotus Necklace 3. Beyond Vintage Rose Pencil Skirt 4. Lollia Wish Eau De Parfum 5. Plenty by Tracy Reese Sequin Frock 6. Alice & Trixie Micheline Top 7. Waverly Grey Muse Gold Jacket 8. Gorjana Pristine Bar Necklace

This year I’m all about the classic black with lots of sparkles and textures for holiday parties. There is nothing better than attending a New Year’s party feeling beautiful and sexy, and we all know the golden rule for feeling this way is rocking classic black, which slims and hides all of the unwanted details. But since we don’t want to blend in with the rest of the party attendees, it’s important to add some bling as well!

Layla Grayce has a great variety of New Year’s fashion. Beautiful jewelry, smoking dresses and stylish clutches are just the tip of the iceberg. Above are a few of my favorite pieces and I think you’ll agree. Happy shopping for YOU!

Simply Grove Picks for New Year’s Eve Entertaining

Even if you already have your Christmas table sorted out, blogger Simply Grove picks for holiday entertaining have enough sparkle to be showcased front and center at a glam New Year’s party!

Simply Grove New Years Eve Party Tabletop Decor
1. Bella Notte Crochet Lace Tabletop 2. Rosanna Clear Bubble Glass Pitcher 3. Confetti Paper Placemats 4. Rosanna Petite Plate Pair 5. Pine Cone Hill Ink Dots Napkin Set 6. Anteriors Brass 7 Lite Candelabra 7. Rosanna Large Footed Bowl

This holiday season, I’m all about decorating with sparkles, neutral tones and anything that can work throughout the entire season. That’s the reason I put together this palette of whites, golds, and festive textures. Imagine your friends and family around this beautiful table complete with festive flowers and yummy candles. You would be the talk of the town!

Layla Grayce has a variety of holiday entertaining items that will please everyone’s aesthetic. You’ll find dishware, serving bowls, pretty napkins and so so much more. Happy shopping!

Simply Grove Christmas Decor

Need holiday decor inspiration but you’re overwhelmed with the options available to you on Layla Grayce? Blogger Kirsten Grove of Simply Grove sifted through to find a few decor gems, each perfect for creating a festive holiday look.

Simply Grove Holiday Decor Picks From Layla Grayce
1. Rosanna Vintage Glass Goblet Set 2. Oly Studio Edith Candlestick Pair 3. Jonathan Adler Red Zig Zag Throw 4. Holiday Berry Paper Placements 5. Rosanna Les Dessert Beaded Round Pedestal 6. Jonathan Adler Bargello Pillow 7. Gabby Decor Freemont Mirror

When decorating for the holidays, I’m constantly on the lookout for pieces that will be festive but transitional enough for me to use when the Christmas tree has come down. I love sparkle, natural materials and serene holiday color schemes. Another important detail is comfort and warmth. I want to be surrounded by textures that not only keep me physically warm but also set a glowing tone.

I am thrilled to have found such great decor items on Layla Grayce. I have gathered together the perfect amount of holiday whimsy and everyday loveliness. From that killer Jonathan Adler Pillow to the round Rosanna Cake Pedestal, I think you’ll find something that you need, now.

Simply Grove Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids

Today, Kirsten of Simply Grove turns the attention to “gifts for kids” with a holiday wishlist she curated with her own children in mind.

Simply Grove Christmas Gift Ideas for Children
1. DwellStudio City Stamp Set 2. Blabla Colette Doll 3. DwellStudio Galaxy Dove Night Sack 4. DwellStudio Dino Push toy 5. Silver Pursuit Pedal Plane 6. DwellStudio Knit Numbers Set

The best things about Christmas always have to do with children. They make Christmas magical! And the best things about Christmas for children always come in a box, with a bow. I already have a few presents under my tree and it’s sheer pain for my kids not to know what is in each package.

This year I have really made a point to buy gifts that are meaningful and well made. Layla Grayce has the gift ideas that I need and desire for my children. From blocks to cars and dolls, Layla Grayce has it all. Here are a few toys that are on my wish list that I think you will love too.

Simply Grove Christmas Wishlist

Kristin Grove of Simply Grove

Meet the lovely, talented Kirsten Grove! And get to know the Simply Grove blogger better in her holiday blog series with Layla Grayce, beginning today with a few items topping her wishlist this year. We think you’ll agree: she has impeccable taste!

Simply Grove Christmas Picks from Layla Grayce
1. Latico Nadia Clay and Tan Tote 2. Latico Chevron Metallic Wallet 3. MOR Marshmallow Hand Cream 4. Kendra Scott Black Onyx Ring 5. Illume Boho Mediterranean Candle 6. Jonathan Adler Hollywood Coaster Set

I’m not going to lie. I am really excited for Christmas presents this year. Mostly because I’ve been a good girl and haven’t splurged on myself a lot this year. Sometimes a girl needs a little pampering of her own, don’t you think?

Layla Grayce has proven itself faithful when it comes to great gifts. I’ve put together a little wish list of my own that I think any female would love. It includes the perfect tote, yummy lotion and of course a little bling. Happy shopping!

Easy Bookshelf Styling Tips with The City Sage

Bookshelf styling tips 1
Styled by: Anne Sage of The City Sage Photos by: Colin Price

I’m so excited to share this project with you, Layla Grayce readers! You see, I have a 1960′s shelving unit that is my favorite piece of furniture. I stalked it at a vintage store in my neighborhood, waiting nearly two years for it to go on sale until I finally bit the bullet and bought it. But then, once I got it to my living room, I didn’t treat it very well. I haphazardly put books and knickknacks on it without much care. It didn’t feel like a reflection of me—not like a favorite item of furniture should! And after a while, I noticed that the shelves were sagging under the weight of everything I’d thoughtlessly been tossing onto them. Either my much-loved vintage piece would be ruined, or it was time to clean up my act.

Bookshelf styling tips 2
Styled by: Anne Sage of The City Sage Photos by: Colin Price

So I thought about what I wanted my bookshelf to say about me. I wanted it to reflect my taste, my style, my interests. I like color sometimes, but mostly neutrals. I like a bit of glamour and a bit of the exotic, but I’m simple too. Most of all, I like to mix and match, swap and switch. My style is a constant exploration of contrast and juxtaposition, old and new, playful and serious. Was there a way I could have it all? 

Bookshelf styling tips 3
Styled by: Anne Sage of The City Sage Photos by: Colin Price

Well. It’s not life or death. It’s a bookshelf. And I decided that yes, I could have have it all! I took fashion’s color-blocking trend and applied it to my interior design. Using what I already owned (and and a few new decor accents from Layla Grayce) I created four neutral and two colored zones on the shelving unit. Each one contains books I adore, curios I’ve collected over the years, vases and other vessels that look just as appealing empty as they do overflowing with flowers. The best part about this approach? I can easily add and subtract elements using the color scheme as my guide. It took me some trial and error to reach this point, but the journey has been part of the fun. I’ve shared more tips and photos on my blog, and thanks to Layla Grayce for being a part of this project! 


1. Gold Leaf Convex Wall Mirrors 2. Bungalow 5 Melrose Table Lamp 3. Herringbone Photo Frame 4. Illume Boho Candle (similar to shown) 5. Rosanna Bon Bon White Footed Square Bowl 6. Rosanna Les Petite Sweets Compote 7. Rosanna Etched Vase