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How To: Organize the Holidaze

Avoid being a basket case by preparing your house for in-laws, guests, and family this holiday season with Fresh American’s decorative multi-functional baskets in a slew of colors and playful patterns. These four handy storage tips below helps organize while ensuring your space looks clean, chic, and picture perfect.

Fresh American Finn Shale Pint Storage Bin from Layla Grayce

Fresh American Pilar Sky Hamper Bin from Layla GrayceFresh American Mina Linen Storage Bin from Layla GrayceFresh American Finn Green Pint Storage Bin from Layla Grayce

Photo credit: Dreamy Whites, Country Living, Beneath My Heart, decor8

Entertaining with Kate: Do-It-Yourself Hobnail & Shabby Chic-Inspired Pumpkins

Kate Landers Halloween Pumpkin Decoration Layla-Grayce Photography: Kate Landers

Kate Landers Halloween Pumpkin Decoration Layla-Grayce Photography: Kate Landers

Kate Landers Halloween Pumpkin Decoration Layla-Grayce Photography: Kate Landers

Kate Landers Halloween Pumpkin Decoration Layla-Grayce Photography: Kate Landers

It’s Kate Landers here again, sharing some inspiration for fall and Halloween celebrations. I absolutely love autumn and the beautiful pumpkins and gourds it yields. I also adore all things “shabby chic” (including Shabby Chic designer Rachel Ashwell) and loved the idea of pairing my style with this season’s décor.

I am here to share two beautiful ways to dress up pumpkins. The first is a white hobnail milk glass look, and the second a shabby chic ruffled look inspired by my dear friends of the former Icing Designs.

These would be fabulous displayed on a hearth, mantle or tabletop centerpieces for both Halloween and Thanksgiving. I also love them as decorations for a fall bridal or baby shower, wedding or a little girl’s autumn first birthday.

Supplies Needed:

  • ~ 4″ and 8″ crafting pumpkins (I used ivory ones from Target)
  • ~ White flat-finish spray paint such as this one
  • ~ White upholstery pins (approx. 150 to make 1 large & 1 small pumpkin) like these.
  • ~ Needle, white thread, scissors and 1 yard white muslin fabric
  • ~ Lo-temp glue gun and glue sticks
  • ~ Black paper bat decorations (optional) from Martha Stewart found here

Instructions: White Hobnail-inspired Pumpkins

1. Insert white upholstery pins into pumpkins in vertical lines, each pin approximately 1/3″-1/2″ apart. For 8″ pumpkin, each row should be 1.5″-2″ apart. For 4″ pumpkin, each row should be 3/5″-1″ apart. There is no exact formula to this; these are basic guidelines, so do what feels best to you!

2. In a well-ventilated area, coat pumpkins (pins already inserted) with white spray paint. Allow to dry minimum 4 hours, preferably overnight.

Instructions: White Ruffled Pumpkins

1. In a well-ventilated area, coat pumpkins with white spray paint. Allow to dry completely, preferably overnight.

2. Fold yard of white muslin fabric in half (this yardage includes extra fabric if you want your ruffles wider or fuller).

3. Cut fabric into eight 1″ strips (fabric is folded over so there will be two strips one on top of the other, total 16 strips) for small pumpkin, and ten 1.5″ strips for large pumpkin (again fabric folded over, so there will be one strip on top of the other, total 20 strips).

4. With a simple needle and white thread, use a simple stitch (thread knotted at end opposite of needle) and thread needle through center of strips (having the two strips on top of one another creates a fuller ruffle), each stitch close together for tighter ruffles. After approximately 15 stitches, you can push fabric down thread and see it gather. Continue until you reach end of the strip and push down fabric so it all gathers. I recommend approximately 12″ gathered length of strip for large pumpkins, and 8″ for small pumpkins.

5. After you hold up your ruffled strips of fabric to the dried painted pumpkin to confirm proper length (you can elongate by making ruffles further apart or make shorter by scrunching ruffles closer together), knot thread at end so ruffle length stays in place.

6. Warm up glue gun, and carefully glue ruffled fabric strips onto each pumpkin, top to bottom, one at a time.

Enjoy your pumpkins!

Emmy Fashion for the Home!

Last Sunday we tuned into the 65th annual Emmy Awards and as we expected, the small-screen sirens brought some serious style this year! Although there were several stunners, we managed to narrow it down to three leading ladies. Here we show you how to translate their winning looks into award-winning decor!

Kerry Washington Emmy Fashion from LaylaGrayce
Kerry Washington 1. Aidan Gray Pillow O No. 2 Flax 2. Aidan Gray Pillow French Scroll No. 4 Ballet Pink 3. Southport Sage Green Wrought Iron Chandelier 4. Zentique Furniture Medallion Dining Chair Natural Linen 5. Demilune Buffet in Mushroom

Kerry Washington was recently named “World’s Most Stylish Woman” and for good reason! She looked positively radiant in her blush-toned Grecian gown from Marchesa. The breezy chiffon was sprinkled with rose blooms for a look of pure romance. This is a perfect palette to emulate in a boudoir. Think French vintage, a la Zentique Furniture’s Medallion Dining Chair in Natural Linen, and soft hues like ballet pink and washed sage. We love the elegant charm of all things Aiden Gray, and their French Scroll No. 4 Ballet Pink Pillow is key to nailing this look. What would a romantic retreat be without a gorgeous chandelier? Our Southport Sage Green Wrought Iron Chandelier perfectly mimics the floral motif of Kerry’s dress and will be a simply sweet finishing tough in your space.

Julianna Margulies Emmy Fashion from LaylaGrayce
Julianna Margulies 1. Barbara Cosgrove Laurel Wreath Table Lamp 2. Thomas Paul Zinnia Ebony Cream Tufted Wool Pile Rug 3. Bungalow 5 Jacqui Three Drawer Side Table Black 4. COCOCOZY Oxford Black Embroidered Pillow 5. COCOCOZY Loop Black Embroidered Pillow

Black and white will always be a classic combination in both fashion and interiors. So it’s no surprise Julianna Margulies turned to this fool-proof pairing for her big night out. With clean lines and a graphic floral, her dress has given this combo a modern lift! To bring this look home, try furnishings in sleek black lacquered finishes. We love the lines of the Bungalow 5 Jacqui Three Drawer Side Table and the gold pulls pack an extra punch of style. To tie in a graphic element, we recommend the Thomas Paul Zinnia Ebony Cream Tufted Wool Pile Rug. The over-sized print is a polished take on mod 60’s style, which we can never get enough of! Complete your look with a classic geometric print like our COCOCOZY Oxford Black Embroidered Pillow. Remember, whenever in doubt, stick to the basics and give them a little make-over for a fresh, updated look.

Julianna Margulies Emmy Fashion from LaylaGrayce
Allison Williams 1. Worlds Away Wesley Gold Floor Lamp 2. Lili Alessandra Onasis Linen White & Navy Decorative Pillow 3. Lili Alessandra Lili Linen Navy Decorative Pillow 4. Barclay Butera for Mirror Image Home Madison Mirror 5. Worlds Away Emma Navy Dresser

Newcomer Allison Williams has been turning heads wherever she goes and the red carpet is no exception. The brunette beauty wow’ed in a royal blue strapless gown from Ralph Lauren. She balanced the radiant hue with vintage gold cuffs and kept the rest simple. Take a cue from Allison and try our Worlds Away Emma Navy Dresser. The color is bold enough to make a statement, yet versatile enough to withstand the test of time. Like our muse, there is something regal about the design of Lili Alessandra Onasis Linen Navy Decorative Pillow. Complement your royal space with gold-leafed accents. We are especially taken by the Barclay Butera for Mirror Image Home Madison Mirror who’s Greek key design is the ultimate finishing touch to your design fit for a queen.

Our Top 10 Blankets

Top 10 Blankets From Layla Grayce
1. Aden & Anais Daydream Blanket Circle Dance 2. Barefoot Dreams Throw Blanket CozyChic Pink 3. Kashwere Damask Throw Malt and Creme 4. Company C Throw Blanket Park Sky 5. Jonathan Adler Throw Blanket Nixon Charcoal 6. Kashwere Diamond Throw Pink and White 7. Pine Cone Hill Candlewick Pale Rose Throw Blanket 8. Sefte Kimsa Throw Blanket 9. Little Giraffe Exclusive Bella Silver Throw 10. Pine Cone Hill Ibiza French Blue Throw Blanket

Eager to cozy up this fall? Good news: you’re at the right place. Our wide selection of blankets is sure to offer the right combination of style and softness to suit your bedroom or living room. Light that fire and snuggle in sophistication!

Get The Look: Antique Victorian Style

Featured On: House Beautiful Photographed by: Bjorn Wallander

Can’t get enough of vintage decor? Neither can we! That’s why we absolutely adore this Jacksonville house. Playing up her home’s beautiful neutral creamy tones, homeowner Annie Brahler indulges each room with rich antique furnishings. We love how she combines old world influences and contemporary colors for a fresh take on classic Victorian style. Looking to add a royal touch to your decor? We’ve assembled our favorite images of this elegant home to help you get started!

Featured On: House Beautiful Photographed by: Bjorn Wallander

Showcasing European influences throughout the home, each room exudes a refined yet classic aesthetic. The exquisite parlor captures vintage French character with a grand chandelier, gilt tables and an antique daybed, while beige fauteuil chairs complete the library’s stately look.

Featured On: House Beautiful Photographed by: Bjorn Wallander

Each room in the house highlights a different aspect of old world sophistication. The perfect setting for entertaining guests, the Dutch-inspired dining area delights with a 19th century table and lovely slipcovered armchairs. Staying true to Netherlands traditions, this space opts for light pastel curtains in lieu of interior doors for a truly authentic feel.

Featured On: House Beautiful Photographed by: Bjorn Wallander

Juxtaposing different styles in each room works beautifully when enhancing a color scheme. The living room effortlessly ties together original Beaux-Arts plasterwork, Belgian bergere chairs and Dutch footstools through its distinctive purple and white theme. Mastering a fresh, inviting aesthetic with a neutral palette, the breakfast room mixes gray Belgian cane chairs and a tan wooden china cabinet against white walls.

White Living Room with Vintage Signs
Featured On: House Beautiful Photographed by: Bjorn Wallander

A sharp color contrast modernizes the antique Victorian style with sophisticated drama. This bedroom’s dark panel headboard creates a stunning statement with a gray frame accented by intricate carvings.

Featured On: House Beautiful Photographed by: Bjorn Wallander

To get this comfortable yet sophisticated antique victorian look in your own home, we’ve created a curated collection of our favorite furniture, lighting and accessories. Shop the products below!

Antique Victorian Style

1. Aidan Gray Crown V Zinc Pillow 2. Aidan Gray Finial Ballet Pillow 3. Tritter Feefer Aegean Side Table 4. Aidan Gray Chelsea Bowden Dining Chair 5. Aidan Gray Castle Howard Chandelier 6. Barbara Cosgrove X-Mirror Elegant 7. Aidan Gray Hand Carved Wood Urn 8. Aidan Gray Painted Light Gray Mini Candlestick 9. Aidan Gray Diggs Lounge

We Love The Aidan Gray Carew Court Chandelier

The Aidan Gray Carew Court Chandelier from Layla Grayce

Graceful and distinctive, this delicate Aidan Gray chandelier introduces compelling and timeworn design to your home’s entryway, living room or hallway. Click here to shop this sophisticated fixture!

Introducing exclusive pigeon & poodle home accessories

Pigeon and Poodle Salerno Bath from Layla Grayce Pigeon & Poodle Salerno Soap Pump, Tray Set

Just in time for hosting out-of-town guests and holiday parties, we’ve exclusively released the Pigeon & Poodle home accessory collection! Rooted in a belief that it’s the little things that make the biggest impact in your home, Pigeon & Poodle created a captivating collection of handmade seagrass baskets, canvas bar tools, hair-on-hide picture frames and capiz shell bathroom necessities. We can’t get enough of this line, so we’re giving you a sneak peek of their must-have styles!

Pigeon & Poodle Lindon Yellow Basket Set from Layla Grayce Pigeon & Poodle Sedona Medium Handle Basket

Fashioned like a classic medicine bag, the Sedona basket leaves us dreaming of a seaside vacation. While you may not be able to skip town for time on the coast, you can at least capture that lush resort-esque aesthetic in your own bedroom or bath with this sophisticated woven seagrass container.

Pigeon & Poodle Lambeth Chambray Coaster Set from Layla Grayce Pigeon & Poodle Lambeth Chambray Coaster Set, Cocktail Shaker, Ice Bucket, Tray

Since retro bar carts are popping up everywhere in contemporary home design, it’s essential to have cocktail-mixing tools on hand! Pigeon & Poodle’s Lambeth canvas and stainless steel coasters, trays, shakers and ice buckets offer the perfectly practical and effortlessly stylish solutions for entertaining guests.

Pigeon & Poodle Lindon Yellow Basket Set from Layla Grayce Pigeon & Poodle Yuma Basket

If you love when everything in the home is in its proper place (or dream of that kind of organization!), you’ll swoon for Pigeon & Poodle’s extensive line of handwoven seagrass and abaca fiber baskets. Whether you favor the colorful array of the Middleton nesting baskets or the classic rectangular Yuma container, each bin stows everyday essentials while offering a charming decorative touch.

Click here to shop the entire Pigeon & Poodle collection!