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Bunny Williams for Dash & Albert Rug Giveaway!

This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Carol J.!

Bunny Williams for Dash & Albert Giveaway from Layla Grayce

We can’t get enough of designer Bunny Williams’ new collaboration with Dash & Albert founder Annie Selke! This stylish duo has created fabulous rugs for bedrooms, living rooms and outdoor spaces. From eye-catching geometric prints to classic stripes, this contemporary collection of rugs brings a fresh aesthetic to the home. To show our love for this line, we’re giving away one Bunny Williams for Dash & Albert rug to a lucky winner! Follow the instructions below to enter for a chance to win!

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*Limit one entry per person. You must have a Facebook account, like Layla Grayce on Facebook, and sign up for Layla Grayce newsletters in order to enter this giveaway. Winner is limited to one Bunny Williams for Dash & Albert Rug under $1,000. Giveaway closes Thursday, June 12, 2014, at midnight PST. Winner will be selected at random and announced on Friday, June 13, 2014. Click here for official Layla Grayce contest rules.

Bunny Williams for Dash & Albert Giveaway from Layla Grayce

Photographed at Bunny Williams’ home in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, each rug exhibits her elegant, globally influenced style. Channeling a relaxed vibe, these outdoor rugs soothe with earthy tones and woven jute textures, showcasing a variety of sophisticated patterns.

Bunny Williams for Dash & Albert Giveaway from Layla Grayce

An exciting print offers a living room or bedroom an instant makeover! Mixing contemporary patterns with bright colors, these Bunny Williams rugs make a lived-in and comfy statement in any room. Shop the entire collection here and be sure to enter our giveaway!

Q&A With Loloi Rugs (feat. Cyrus Loloi)

Q&A with Loloi Rugs from Layla Grayce

We just love how Loloi rugs transform a room! From bold chevron prints and floral patterns to blended neutral tones and solid hues, this versatile collection establishes a unique vibe in any space with hand-knotted, tufted and looped textures. Looking to revamp your bedroom or living room? We interviewed Cyrus Loloi, principal for Loloi, to get the inside scoop on the best tricks for choosing the perfect floor covering to suit your style. Shop the Loloi rug collection here (and enjoy free shipping on the entire line!).

Q&A with Cyrus Loloi of Loloi Rugs

LG: When deciding on the size of a rug for a room, how large should the border of flooring around the rug be? Does it vary from room to room (bedroom, living room, dining room)?
CL: Keeping at least 18 inches of bare floor exposed by the rug’s edges is the classic rule, but it can vary depending on the area. If you have a smaller room feel free to bend this rule a bit, but allow for at least a few inches of space at the rug’s edge. Rugs right up against the wall end up looking like carpet, and that’s not what you want.

LG: I’m looking for a rug for a high-traffic area. What are some tips for choosing the correct rug for my lifestyle?
CL: In this scenario, you have to consider two things: construction and fiber. The most durable construction is hand-knotted, but flat weaves and hand-tufted rugs last fairly well and are considerably less expensive. For fiber, I recommend either wool, polypropylene, or polyester. Many people think that synthetic rugs wear out quickly, but polypropylene and polyester are actually extremely durable and stain resistant.

LG: What are the top 3 things I should consider when selecting my new area rug?
CL: In the rug world, it all comes down to color, design, and texture. First, you have to consider how the colors in the rug are going to coordinate with the room’s existing colors. The colors don’t have to match perfectly, but you do want to pick complementary tones. When in doubt, a natural fiber rug like sisal or undyed wool offers a very versatile look. Trust me, when you get color right, it makes all the difference.

For design, pick a pattern that fits your style and personality. Don’t be afraid to pick a traditional rug in a contemporary room, or a modern rug in a traditional room. As a word of caution, if you have elaborate wallpaper or patterned upholstery, a solid design like the Anzio Denim Hand Woven Wool Rug works best.

Texture plays an important role too. Textured rugs like the Sahara Ivory Hand Knotted Wool Rug offset the solid surface of your floor and draw your eyes to the dimension of the rug.

LG What are the biggest trends in rugs right now?
CL: I’m enjoying the wave of blues that designers seem to be using everywhere this year. Aqua, indigo, and navy are really on-trend right now, especially paired with white, like this rug.

Q&A with Loloi Rugs from Layla Grayce