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Going for Baroque

Anne Sage of The City Sage is here to talk trends! Read on for her expert take on the Baroque craze that’s certain to be big this fall.

Baroque Inspiration Board
Images: 1, 2, 3

When I first heard wind of this fall’s trend for Baroque details, I was skeptical. My taste veers more toward the simple than the sumptuous; the unadorned than the opulent. But when I saw the runways’ elaborate offerings, I couldn’t resist the idea of working just a few Baroque touches into my home and wardrobe. After all, who says I have to worship at the feet of Louis XIV? Can’t I just tip my hat his way instead?

Baroque Inspiration Board
1. Tara Shaw Maison Italian Four Light Candelabra, Image, 2. MOR Cosmetics Italian Blood Orange Emporium Soap, 3. Kirra Tate Marquise Purple and Teal Earrings, 4. Bliss Studio Monarch Ivory Pillow, 5. Set of 5 Eclectic Place Setting 6. Large Baroque Cyan Acanthus Mirror

Catch a few of the Sun King’s rays with elements like scrollwork and metallic finishes; damasks and filigrees; jewel tones and medallion shapes. Pick one piece for subtle impact–perhaps a tone-on-tone pillow to swap out with your usual couch cushion–or haul in an entire palace’s worth of gilt goodies and play princess for a day!

Winter Skies

Winter Skies
As the days get shorter and shorter, shadows longer and longer, the chilly hues of winter afternoons can’t help but inspire. Greys, blues and silvers get a touch of blush and butter as the sun sinks lower in the sky. Sure it’s cold outside, but inside the beauty of a winter sky warms us to the core.

Winter Skies
Get the look at home with Swedish-inspired furnishings as your base, then augment them using pieces with shimmering modern edge. Prevent things from feeling to chilly by layering throw pillows and a cozy throw, then slip into some sweet nothings and sip cocoa as the light slips under the horizon.

Image Credits: Grant K. Gibson 10. Unknown 11. Andreas Johansson 12. Style At Home
Shopping Guide: Sofa, Mirror, Pendant Lamp, Chemise, Scarf, Frame, Yellow Pillow, Patterned Pillow, Throw, Chair.

Thanks to Anne Sage of The City Sage and Rue Magazine for gracing us with her inspirational storyboards. If in the Atlanta area this weekend, stop by Lavish, the “unconference for the lifestyle social networker” which Anne and the gals from Rue Magazine are both sponsoring speaking at. See you there Anne!


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