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You’re Invited To a Dress-Up Party – and it’s all on sale!

Princess Dress Up Party @LaylaGrayce
1. Ooh La La Couture Pink & Lady Gold Dream Dress 2. Heart Tiara 3. BabyLegs Cheshire Baby Socks 4. BabyLegs Love Spots Baby Socks 5. Ooh La La Couture Pink Bow Headband 6. Ooh La La Couture Leopard Dream Dress

Fun and fabulous, we can’t get enough of these gorgeous looks for young fashionistas! Whether your darling diva loves to get gussied up as fairy tale royalty or go glam as an actress straight from the red carpet, we’ve got fresh show-stopping apparel and accessories to fit her style! This precious collection of princess tiaras, pettiskirts, headbands, dresses and accessories gives little girls creative feminine fashion for the perfect dress up party. Ready to give your little lady the right wardrobe to let her imagination run wild? Shop our dress up favorites on sale!

Pettiskirts on Sale @LaylaGrayceRow 1: White with Light Pink Ruffle Pettiskirt and Tank, Turquoise with Hot Pink Pettiskirt and Tank, Red, White & Blue Pettiskirt Row 2: Zebra Pettiskit, Ooh La La Couture Hot Pink Dress, Raspberry & Black Pettiskit

The Always Fabulous, Versatile, BabyLegs!

BabyLegs Legwarmers in Charcoal, Berry Pie, and Cream Pie

BabyLegs Organic Nature Stripe Leg Warmers
BabyLegs Organic Nature Stripe Leg Warmers

BabyLegs Lil' Hearts and Flowers Newborn Leg Warmers
BabyLegs Lil’ Hearts and Flowers Newborn Leg Warmers

BabyLegs Scattered Seeds Leg Warmers
BabyLegs Scattered Seeds Leg Warmers

BabyLegs Hungry Alligator Leg Warmers
BabyLegs Hungry Alligator Leg Warmers

BabyLegs Legwarmers
BabyLegs Honey Bunny Leg Warmers and BabyLegs Taffy Leg Warmers

BabyLegs Leg Warmers Posies
BabyLegs Posies Leg Warmers

BabyLegs Tights Sweet Violet
BabyLegs Sweet Violet Tights

Let’s face it, kids can sometimes be… temperamental? Opinionated when it comes to what to wear in the morning? Stubborn about dressing appropriately for the weather? Yes, yes and yes! But thankfully it’s BabyLegs to the rescue. Instead of spending the morning arguing about shorts or pants, sundresses or long sleeves, simply give them their choice of BabyLegs to layer on however and wherever they want. Legs or arms, legs and arms both? Hey, as long as they’re not going to freeze their little cans off, we’re thrilled to have one less battle to wage in the morning. Shop new Baby Legs >


Oh Baby, Those Are Some Cute Legs

BabyLegs Collection
BabyLegs Collection

Our new BabyLegs leg warmers for your cutie pie – yes they are a COMPLETELY adorable fashion accessory, but they have a practical function too! BabyLegs not only keep kiddos warm, but also protect soft little knees when babies start to crawl and can make diaper changing and potty training easier (one less layer to worry about). A colorful selection of patterns and solids are available for both boys and girls that can be worn on both legs and arms, layered under tees. Little trend setters can choose from stripes, flowers, dots and even sports designs. Perfect for throwing in the diaper bag or tote “just in case” it gets cold (which it always does), and sized to fit all from tots to toddlers and up. Did we justify the sudden urge to buy multiple pairs? Shop our BabyLegs Collection