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Home Decor Ideas: A Gallery Wall

Home Decor Ideas: A Gallery Wall from Layla Grayce
Photos: Apartment34, Pinterest

A gallery wall has a way of making a space look collected while giving you a chance to show off your favorite pieces of art. So, you just hang up a bunch of pictures, right? How hard can that be? You’d be surprised. Going into a gallery wall set-up without a plan can result in a lot of holes in your surface and even more weird looks from your mother-in-law on her next visit.. Lucky for you, we’ve put together a plan to get your gallery wall looking magazine worthy with just a little time and effort.

Home Decor Ideas: A Gallery Wall from Layla Grayce
Photo: Momtastic

Step One: Assemble all of the things that you want to hang. You can pick a theme, like black and white photos or maybe all of the art you just bought on your trip to Italy. Or you can always just run with your favorite pieces for a fun, mixed look.

Step Two: Lay each object you’re going to hang out on a piece of kraft paper and trace around their frames. Label every shape and cut them out.

Step Three: Grab some painter’s tape and have fun — arrange and rearrange the paper silhouettes on your wall until you get a grouping that’s just right.

Step Four: Hammer time! Now that you’ve got the perfect arrangement, start hanging your pieces and watch your wall take on new life. Whew! No extra holes AND a fabulous new place to showcase your favorite paintings and pictures.
Home Decor Ideas: A Gallery Wall from Layla Grayce

The best part of a gallery wall? They look great in every space. Bedrooms, living rooms, and even hallways. We put together a grouping with a French feel, perfect for an entry. Our collection includes an antique-inspired map, a fun Sugarboo sign, and even His and Hers hooks to hang a coat or bag.

Now that you’re ready to get your gallery on, add to your collection! Shop Layla Grayce art here.

Entertaining with Kate: Do-It-Yourself Hobnail & Shabby Chic-Inspired Pumpkins

Kate Landers Halloween Pumpkin Decoration Layla-Grayce Photography: Kate Landers

Kate Landers Halloween Pumpkin Decoration Layla-Grayce Photography: Kate Landers

Kate Landers Halloween Pumpkin Decoration Layla-Grayce Photography: Kate Landers

Kate Landers Halloween Pumpkin Decoration Layla-Grayce Photography: Kate Landers

It’s Kate Landers here again, sharing some inspiration for fall and Halloween celebrations. I absolutely love autumn and the beautiful pumpkins and gourds it yields. I also adore all things “shabby chic” (including Shabby Chic designer Rachel Ashwell) and loved the idea of pairing my style with this season’s décor.

I am here to share two beautiful ways to dress up pumpkins. The first is a white hobnail milk glass look, and the second a shabby chic ruffled look inspired by my dear friends of the former Icing Designs.

These would be fabulous displayed on a hearth, mantle or tabletop centerpieces for both Halloween and Thanksgiving. I also love them as decorations for a fall bridal or baby shower, wedding or a little girl’s autumn first birthday.

Supplies Needed:

  • ~ 4″ and 8″ crafting pumpkins (I used ivory ones from Target)
  • ~ White flat-finish spray paint such as this one
  • ~ White upholstery pins (approx. 150 to make 1 large & 1 small pumpkin) like these.
  • ~ Needle, white thread, scissors and 1 yard white muslin fabric
  • ~ Lo-temp glue gun and glue sticks
  • ~ Black paper bat decorations (optional) from Martha Stewart found here

Instructions: White Hobnail-inspired Pumpkins

1. Insert white upholstery pins into pumpkins in vertical lines, each pin approximately 1/3″-1/2″ apart. For 8″ pumpkin, each row should be 1.5″-2″ apart. For 4″ pumpkin, each row should be 3/5″-1″ apart. There is no exact formula to this; these are basic guidelines, so do what feels best to you!

2. In a well-ventilated area, coat pumpkins (pins already inserted) with white spray paint. Allow to dry minimum 4 hours, preferably overnight.

Instructions: White Ruffled Pumpkins

1. In a well-ventilated area, coat pumpkins with white spray paint. Allow to dry completely, preferably overnight.

2. Fold yard of white muslin fabric in half (this yardage includes extra fabric if you want your ruffles wider or fuller).

3. Cut fabric into eight 1″ strips (fabric is folded over so there will be two strips one on top of the other, total 16 strips) for small pumpkin, and ten 1.5″ strips for large pumpkin (again fabric folded over, so there will be one strip on top of the other, total 20 strips).

4. With a simple needle and white thread, use a simple stitch (thread knotted at end opposite of needle) and thread needle through center of strips (having the two strips on top of one another creates a fuller ruffle), each stitch close together for tighter ruffles. After approximately 15 stitches, you can push fabric down thread and see it gather. Continue until you reach end of the strip and push down fabric so it all gathers. I recommend approximately 12″ gathered length of strip for large pumpkins, and 8″ for small pumpkins.

5. After you hold up your ruffled strips of fabric to the dried painted pumpkin to confirm proper length (you can elongate by making ruffles further apart or make shorter by scrunching ruffles closer together), knot thread at end so ruffle length stays in place.

6. Warm up glue gun, and carefully glue ruffled fabric strips onto each pumpkin, top to bottom, one at a time.

Enjoy your pumpkins!

Clever Crafting: DIY Valentine Cards

Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids with Magnifying Glasses
Magnifying Glass Valentines via Dandee Designs

Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids Paint Chips
Paint Strip Valentines via Country Living

Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids with Super Heroes
Robot Valentines via Lisa Storms, Super Hero Valentines via Zakka Life

Color Theory Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids
Color Theory Valentines via Mer Mag

Isn’t everything a little sweeter when it’s handmade? We think so! Spend a Saturday having fun with your kids creating DIY Valentine cards they’ll be proud to pass out at school. Unleash your child’s inner artist with Color Theory Valentines, or just visit the paint aisle to get your supplies for the super simple Paint Strip Valentines. Save the day (and dress up sweet treats) with a Super Hero Valentine or bring back the Robot. Still searching for the perfect idea? Don’t overlook the Magnifying Glass Valentine!

Get The Look: Stunning Nursery Walls (Ceilings Too!)

Moroccan Stencil for Nursery Walls
Get the look: Large Rabat Moroccan Stencil, Sherwin Williams Paint: Hopeful, Interesting Aqua, Amour Pink
Featured on: Project Nursery Designed by: Emily K Paperie

A Moroccan Stencil and a few cans of paint can create a stunning nursery accent wall that transitions perfectly as your little one grows up. Two different shades of pink keep this fun design sophisticated and chic.


Grey Chevron Stripes for Nursery
Get the Look: How-to tutorial, Sherwin Williams Paint: Uncertain Grey, Extra White Designed by: Nadia of House 36

Chevron designs are everywhere these days – from rugs to pillows to walls, and for good reason. This classic pattern looks great in just about any color, but we adore how the grey used here works as a neutral. To create your own chevron nursery wall, get your painter’s tape ready and head over to House 36 for Nadia’s Chevron how-to tutorial.


Oversized Letters for Baby Nursery Walls
Get the look: Benjamin Moore Paint: Blue Heather, Silver Mist, Silver Cloud Featured on: A List Baby

Although putting baby’s name on the nursery wall isn’t a new idea, we LOVE the modern twist these Oversized Letters add! Vary the size of your lettering and mix paint finishes (gloss, flat and semi-gloss) to add visual interest, sticking to a monochromatic color palette to keep the finished result simple and soothing. Create the oversize letters out of rigid paper, taping them to the wall to achieve the desired layout. Lightly trace around the edges to create outlines, remove the guide letters and paint inside the lines.


Striped Ceiling on Nursery by Domino Editor
Get the look: Benjamin Moore Paint: Yolk, White Wisp Featured on: Brides, originally seen in Domino

Make a bold statement with bright Ceiling Stripes, taking inspiration from the nursery of J. Crew Creative Director Jenna Lyons’ son, Beckett. Color doesn’t have to be limited to walls, and stripes overhead give baby something captivating to look at from the crib. If high contrast brights are not your thing, go tonal or pair two neutral colors together to create a unique room for all ages.

Weekend Fun: Valentine Cards To Make With The Kids

Valentine's Day Cards
Pirate Valentines from Mer Mag

Valentine's Day Cards
Custom Candy Bar Wrappers from eighteeen25, I “Wheelie” Like You Valentine from 30 Days, Smartie Airplanes from Giver’s Log

Valentine's Day Cards
Lip and Moustache Lollipops from Blonde Invitations & Stationery, Valentine Handprint Wall Hanging from Kaboose, Sweetheart Valentine’s Day Classroom Cards from Bunny Cakes

From cutout paper hearts to a candy bar wrapper digitally designed, what child doesn’t love making their OWN Valentines? Spend the weekend getting crafty with the kids making special DIY cards they can pass out to friends and family. Boys will “wheelie” appreciate a toy car Valentine or have fun assembling a Smartie plane while girls will think conversation heart cards and kissy lips lollies are “soooo cute!” And without a doubt, every class”mate” will think the pirate card is Grrrrreat!


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