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April “Foolish” Decor

Marie Coquine Chandelier,” by Philippe Starck for Baccarat Collection
photo: CubeMe

Since it is April first, we thought we’d share some of the more “foolish” decorating ideas we’ve run across. Starting off with this gorgeous Baccarat chandelier complete with… umbrella? Granted, April is the time for showers, but this may be over preparing.

Stripes gone too far
photo: Floto + Warner

Stripes and bold color are all the rage in fashion this season. Brightly colored striped rugs for home décor like this one? Maybe not so much. Although this one is quite durable since it’s made out of vinyl tape. Cozy!

French Bergere Chairs go green
photo: ChairCouture

We’re all for going green and we certainly love a good Bergere chair, but just looking at this makes us start to itch.

Malibu Barbie Dream HouseMalibu Barbie Dream House designed by Jonathan Adler

And while we adore Barbie, pardon us for thinking this is a little over the top. Wait, can we get a close up view of that chandelier? Could that actually be made of…?

Barbie "Hair" Chandelier
photo: Mattel

Wow. Do you think blonde chandeliers have more fun?