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For Every Girl Who Ever Wanted a Barbie for Christmas…

AFK Art for Kids Print Fashion Barbie Spotted Shopping
AFK Art for Kids Print Fashion Barbie Pink Evening Dress
AFK Art for Kids Print Fashion Barbie Je Nais Se Quoi
AFK Art for Kids Print Fashion Barbie Lisette
Just in the nick of time for a stellar last minute gift idea for gals young or old, it’s Barbie to the rescue! Illustrated in glam retro style, our new Art for Kids Barbie prints arrive matted in white in an antique silver frame (all for only $135). She’s chic, she’s got it going on and she looks gorgeous grouped with a few of her other fashionably attired Barbie friends. A perfect gift that little girls can treasure for years – or grown girls can relive their first fashion icon. Shop our new Barbie prints >


Oh Baby, Those Are Some Cute Legs

BabyLegs Collection
BabyLegs Collection

Our new BabyLegs leg warmers for your cutie pie – yes they are a COMPLETELY adorable fashion accessory, but they have a practical function too! BabyLegs not only keep kiddos warm, but also protect soft little knees when babies start to crawl and can make diaper changing and potty training easier (one less layer to worry about). A colorful selection of patterns and solids are available for both boys and girls that can be worn on both legs and arms, layered under tees. Little trend setters can choose from stripes, flowers, dots and even sports designs. Perfect for throwing in the diaper bag or tote “just in case” it gets cold (which it always does), and sized to fit all from tots to toddlers and up. Did we justify the sudden urge to buy multiple pairs? Shop our BabyLegs Collection


For Arts Sake

Oopsy Daisy Fine Art for Kids

From graphic and modern, to vintage-inspired – Oopsy Daisy’s new line of canvas giclee wall art and accessories has it all. The beautiful color palette ranges from soft and subtle to bright and bold, but all pieces are none-the-less cheery and playful. And what piece of art doesn’t require the perfect lighting? Simply priceless coordinating lamps are a unique addition and sure to become an instant classic. The lamps features a canvas wrapped shade and decorative bauble adorning the pull chain – exceptional with every detail.

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Party Ready

Pettiskirts for GirlsFor a little girl the perfect pettiskirt is like a little black dress – a must. And much like a little black dress, a pettiskirt that is not bound to one season is quite the find. Enter the Red Polka Dot Ruffled Petite Pettiskirt. An obvious choice for the holidays with its festive red and playful white dots, but an article that will get a lot of mileage at the end of the day. Multiple holiday parties to attend? Wanna keep this petti looking fresh come Valentine’s Day? Two coordinating tops give your girl stylish options. Who needs that black dress after all?