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Dapper Dads On The Go

Petunia Pickle Bottom Scout Journey Pack in Heathered Black
Petunia Pickle Bottom Scout Journey Pack in Heathered Black

Petunia Pickle Bottom Scout Walkabout Carrier in Heathered Grey
Petunia Pickle Bottom Scout Walkabout Carrier in Heathered Grey

Petunia Pickle Bottom Scout Journey Pack in Heathered Gray
Petunia Pickle Bottom Scout Journey Pack

Skip Hop Central Park Blanket & Cooler Bag
Skip Hop Central Park Blanket & Cooler Bag

Don’t let pink florals or modern glam get in the way of that alone time you’ve been needing. He’s happy to take the kids but not with YOUR bag, so we’ve got great ways to get Dad on the go with kids in tow while still earning dapper style points. Our Petunia Pickle Bottom Scout collection might as well be his brief case as diapering contents are stealthily housed in masculine color ways and a sleek messenger style. And Skip Hop earns accolades for its high functionality without all the flair as park blankets include insulated cooler bags to keep those snacks you pack fresh. A perfect way to welcome a new father to Dad-hood, find these and other Father’s Day gift ideas here.

The Amazing Moby Wrap

Moby Wrap in Pacific
Moby Wrap in Natural
Moby Wrap in Sienna
Think of a dream carrier for a new baby – what would make it perfect? How about something that is comfortable for both mom (or dad, grandma, whomever) and baby, brings the two of you closer together and soothes fussy babies. It should be easy to wash AND simplify life for mom, allowing her to be uniquely close to baby while remaining hands free to do daily tasks, gentle workouts and breastfeed with ease. Sounds impossible, but Moby Wraps truly do all that and more. Uniquely designed without cumbersome padding, snaps or belts, Moby Wraps are easy to adjust and accommodate different positions and holds based on baby’s age and weight. Made from soft, slightly stretchy cotton, Moby Wraps have a devoted following who will gladly tell you what they love most Moby Wraps and baby wearing. We’re fans of how they can be used for skin to skin “kangaroo care” for newborns and still be used until baby is up to 35 pounds. Read more about these innovative wraps here and shop for your favorite color at Layla Grayce.

Warming Trend

DwellStudio Warming Trends
Bring on the cold weather – DwellStudio has got you covered! Snuggly sleep sacks, bundle bags, bath wraps, and blankets have arrived in your favorite patterns and a few delightful new ones. Owls, Paper Dolls, Sparrows, and Organic Poppy join the happy family of DwellStudio kids patterns such as the immensely popular Chocolate Dots and Transportation. DwellStudio’s latest additions follow the same tradition of whimsical imagery, but have slightly softer colors for those planning a more subtle nursery scheme. Excellent quality and eco-friendly attributes make these warm and fuzzy pieces heaven for the head and the heart.

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DwellStudio Fun Kit To The Rescue

DwellStudio Fun Kits
How clever is this? We’re having a hard time deciding who will love this more – children or their parents. Picture this: You’re out and about with your little angel, maybe visiting with a friend, grabbing a bite to eat with the family or hanging with the in-laws. And suddenly that little angel starts getting a wee bit out of control because they have NOTHING TO DO and repeating over and over “WHEN ARE WE GOING TO GO MOM?” Before total meltdown ensues, the well prepared mom can pull out her handy DwellStudio Fun Kit and save the day. This all-in-one entertainment station comes with crayons and a scribble pad plus a zipped compartment for Play-Doh, small toys or pocket games. Made of coated canvas, DwellStudio’s Fun Kit is compact and style savvy, available in your choice of five colorful, graphic prints. Ditch those broken crayon stubs nesting in some inner pocket of your purse and make room for the Fun Kit. You may even get to enjoy some uninterrupted adult conversation!

The Celebrity Approved Baby Sling

Slings are the latest trendy way to transport your tot. They’ve been around for ages, but new styling has suddenly made them one of the hottest, hippest ways to get around with your little bundle of joy. And which one is the celebrity favorite? Serena and Lily’s Market Sling is everywhere – especially on new moms like Nicole Kidman, Camila Alves and Jessica Alba. It’s eco-friendly, baby cozy, fashionable AND comfortable – a winning combination! Made of 100% organic cotton with hand embroidery and a soft, brushed interior that is gentle against baby’s skin, the one piece design is easy to wear. Serena and Lily’s sling is sleek and stylish – the perfect thing to protect your baby from the prying eyes of the paparazzi while looking like a star!