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Get To Know: Paloma Contreras of High Gloss Magazine

Paloma Contreras of High Gloss Magazine
From top: One of a Kind Iron Mirror, Bungalow 5 Jacqui Console/Desk in White Lacquer, High Gloss Magazine July/August 2011 edition, Bliss Studio Pillow in Monarch Spice, Serving Buffet

Paloma Contreras, is the founder and editor-in-chief of High Gloss Magazine as well as the creator of the style blog, La Dolce Vita, which has garnered attention from loyal readers around the world and has been featured in multiple publications including The Washington Post, Better Homes & Gardens, 002 Houston, and AOL’s ShelterPop. La Dolce Vita was founded in the summer of 2007 as a summer respite from Paloma’s former career as a high school Spanish teacher. Paloma’s passion for the sweet life is reflected in the topics she explores daily from interior design, fashion and intriguing people to fabulous food and travel destinations. An enduring love of magazines, creative writing and the pursuit of a stylish life prompted her to create High Gloss magazine: an online publication with the mission of providing readers with stylish inspiration for every facet of life. High Gloss has been featured on Curbed National, Casa Sugar, AOL’s ShelterPop, and The Wall Street Journal’s Paloma lives in Houston with her husband Fabian and their adorable dog, Tate.

Give us a peek into your personal style, faves and hot trends to watch out for!

  • My signature colors: I wear a lot of black, but I love turquoise, pink and orange.
  • 5 things in my handbag right now: A peacock blue business card holder by Abas, black python wallet, iPhone, antibacterial gel, gold Stephanie Johnson make-up bag, a camera.
  • Trends I have my eye on: I am currently loving bold looks like color blocking along with oversized clutches.
  • The superpower I would love to have: I’d love to have: I am pretty intuitive, but I would love to have the ability to read people’s minds. It would also be cool to be able to travel through time, like Owen Wilson’s character in Midnight in Paris.
  • I can’t live without: The internet—as a blogger, I am on the internet all the time and may have a bit of an addiction.
  • My favorite place on Earth is: It’s a tie between London and Barcelona. They’re both such amazing cities, but they are vastly different. I guess it would depend on my mood.
  • Books and music I am reading/listening to right now: I just finished Shanghai Girls by Lisa See. It is a beautifully written, powerful novel. I really enjoyed it and would highly recommend it. I currently have Florence and the Machine, Maroon 5, and Fleetwood Mac on heavy rotation.
  • Layla Grayce items I covet: I love the Regency/Chinoiserie look of this buffet: Serving Buffet in Black. This pillow looks so sumptuous: Bliss Studio Pillow in Monarch Spice. I love Bungalow 5’s chic Jacqui Desk and this absolutely gorgeous, unique mirror: One of a Kind Iron Mirror.

Interview: Paloma Contreras/High Gloss Magazine (Launches Today!)

Paloma Contreras - Founder and Editor in Chief of High Gloss magazine
High Gloss magazine
High Gloss Magazine
High Gloss Magazine

High Gloss Magazine

From patent leather to sparkly bling, there’s something about shiny that makes us swoon, so our infatuation with the new magazine High Gloss makes perfect sense. This glam collaboration of some of the best bloggers in style and design launches today, and we’re pleased to have Paloma Contreras, creator of La Dolce Vita and founder/editor in chief of High Gloss, introduces us to her new magazine and the high style ladies on her team.

Give us a little background on the founders of High Gloss and how you came together to collaborate on a magazine?
Founding High Gloss has been a true labor of love and the result of taking a huge leap of faith and following my dreams while trusting the path that my blog, La Dolce Vita has lead me on. I had been thinking about really focusing my career on writing and had given thought to the idea of starting an online magazine for some time. I made a list of the people I wanted on my team and they all jumped on board! Erin Gates was the first, whose blog Elements of Style has been a personal favorite since before I started blogging. After that, I brought on Shannon Wollack, who I didn’t know quite so well at the time, but we found we had so much in common felt like kismet, so I went for it and was ecstatic when she agreed to join the team. Her partner, Ashley Steen then came on as Art Director. Shannon and Ashley dabble in everything from interior design and fashion styling to event planning and graphic design and they are amazing at all of it. These girls have serious style! Soon after, Kyle Knight and Lauren Rauter joined the team. They each have an incredible eye and are super business savvy and stylish.

What are your goals for High Gloss Magazine?
We aim to continually create fresh, inspiring content. We want to continue to expand our readership and travel as much as possible in order to highlight interiors, style personalities and travel destinations that haven’t already been seen a million times. Our goal on a daily basis is to challenge ourselves to think outside the box in order to create the best possible version of High Gloss.

Will you continue blogging?
Absolutely! Personally, I know that my blog is what lead me on the path to start this magazine. I have been blessed with so many incredible opportunities as a result of blogging for the past three and a half years and I have the most amazing, supportive readers. Blogging is something that gives me so much fulfillment and drives me to constantly seek inspiration – I would be crazy to leave it behind. As High Gloss continues to grow, it may become a little more challenging for me to keep up my blogging pace of two posts per day, but I definitely plan to continue blogging on a regular basis.

Let’s get to know Paloma a little better with a “quick-fire” round of questions:

  • Blogs I check daily: Elements of Style, Knight Moves, Rock Paper Scissors, Urban Grace, The Proper Poppy, Sketch 42, Peppermint Bliss, The Lovelist.
  • My first job was: Sales Associate at Express as a Junior in High School.
  • My favorite color is: This is a tough one. I can never pick just one. I love pink, turquoise and Hermes orange.
  • I cannot live without: My husband, Fabian and our dog, Tate…and travel!
  • My favorite guilty pleasure is: Reality TV…if it’s on Bravo, you can bet that I’m watching!
  • The best advice I ever received is: To take risks! There is a quote from Oprah that really resonates with me: “you get in life what you have the courage to ask for”- so true!
  • A cause I care deeply about is: Pencils of Promise ( I was a high school Spanish teacher for five years and still consider myself an educator. I am passionate about empowering children through education. Pencils of Promise is an amazing organization that builds schools in some of the most impoverished and underserved areas of the world, giving children a chance at a brighter future.