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Little House, Big Design

Tiffany Harris, Annette Tatum and Wendy Estes meet up at The Workroom

Little House Summer Aqua Duvet Set

Little House Ikat Pink Crib Bedding

With ribbon-clad mannequins and ruffled pillows lining the shelves, the Annette Tatum Workroom feels more like a decorator’s playroom packed with prints and patterns to delight. We met up with our amazing friend Annette last week for a tour and were ready to move right in. We knew you’d feel the same way, so we’re back with new Little House crib and kids bedding designed to dress a child’s nursery or bedroom with as much style and comfort as we expect in their wardrobe. From pretty blooms to on trend ikat, in colorways both soothing and spirited, Annette creates the perfect mix and match look sweet dreams are sure to come by. Shop the entire Little House collection.

Introducing Rue Magazine

Rue Magazine (more…)

Q&A: Anne Sage of The City Sage

We’ve long been fans of The City Sage blog, and are delighted to interview Anne Sage, creative visionary and founder of The City Sage who uses her discerning eye to treat us to the latest and best in fashion and interior design. Anne’s the friend everyone wants to have with an incredible sense of style and humor and is here to share it with us today.

How did the City Sage come to be?
I attended college at Stanford University, where I majored in English and History. After completing my undergrad degree I moved to New York City, where I planned to pursue a Masters of Interior Design at Pratt Institute. I lasted about six weeks before realizing I wasn’t cut out to be an interior designer–I kept trying to turn my design assignments into written essays! So I found a job at a boutique advertising agency, where I worked doing public relations and consumer strategy.

But my dream–really since high school–was always to work at a magazine. I stalked the job boards and applied for every editorial position under the sun, all to no avail. Finally I threw up my hands and said, ‘Well, if no one will hire me to work at a magazine, I’ll just start my own!’ And that’s how The City Sage was born. It’s my own little daily magazine, and I’m the editor-in-chief, the art director, and the producer all rolled into one. I love the freedom I have with the blog; the only limits are the ones I place on myself, and even those are fewer and farther between!

How would you describe your personal style in fashion and home decor?
Fashion wise, my personal style is ‘elegant modern’. I gravitate towards solid pieces with top-notch materials and no frills construction. I like pieces that are feminine without being girly and I definitely focus each season on investing in one or two high end pieces, instead of several trendy throwaway items. I love Vince, J Brand, Elizabeth and James, and Alexander Wang for casual basics; Stella McCartney, Lanvin and Bottega Veneta for dressing up; Miu Miu, Chanel and Loeffler Randall for shoes; Tom Ford and Oliver Peoples for sunglasses; Givenchy and Yves Saint Laurent for bags.

When it comes to decor, I love the weathered old-world class of an aging Parisian atelier; the spare, relaxed vibe of a mid-century Scandinavian space; the glitz and graphic glamour of Hollywood Regency style. I’m exposed to so much inspiration every day, it’s hard to decide for my own home so right now my apartment is a hodgepodge of flea market and vintage shop finds.

What trends are catching your eye this season?
For fashion, I’m craving wrinkled, tough-luxe leathers; military-inspired hues like army green and khaki; throwback 1970’s silhouettes such as platform heels or drapey tee shirts tucked into high-waisted trousers; and anything leopard print.

For interiors, I’m obsessed with walls, ceilings and upholstery in a shade of midnight blue so deep it’s almost black; using iconic pieces in irreverent ways (I totally wish my bathroom were big enough to fit a wishbone chair and tulip table next to the tub!); and a faded Edwardian granny vibe complete with chintz, cabriole legs, and antimacassar doilies.

Let’s get to know Anne a little better with a quick-fire round of questions:

  • Blogs I frequent are: Plush Palate, DesignLoveFest, {frolic!}, Coco + Kelley and This Is Glamorous.
  • My favorite color is: a difficult-to-identify shade of mauve. The color of a mouse’s ear where it fades from pink to the grey of his fur.
  • My first job was: working as an elf at a shopping mall Santa booth.
  • I cannot live without: fruit. I think I was a rainforest bat in a previous life. Grapes, cherries, strawberries, watermelon: I haven’t met a fruit I don’t love!
  • The best advice I ever received is: a friend of mine before I left home for college said, ‘It’s okay if you don’t like it.’ And in the ten years since then, I’ve recalled her words every time I feel like I’m forcing myself to do something I’m not passionate about. As a consummate perfectionist, I have to remind myself that it’s okay not to like everything, not to be the best at everything, to put my energy into only the things that truly make my heart sing.
  • My favorite guilty pleasure is: weekly manicures and pedicures–I splurge on the extra 10 minutes of leg massage, and I choose my polish colors based on the names I like best. Lately I love Lapis of Luxury!
  • A cause I care deeply about is: animal welfare. I’ve always loved animals but since getting my two sweet kitties a year ago, I can’t imagine my life without them. I can’t wait until we have a larger house and can adopt more needy furry friends into our brood!

Be sure to check out Anne’s blog The City Sage and the rest of the storyboards and photo credits for “Over The Top Girly Glamour” that is shown above – we’re sure you’ll love it as much as we do!

Design Tips – Project Nursery

Long admired for their nursery design blog, Project Nursery has blossomed into somewhat of an authority on the subject. We are happy to have co-creators Melisa Fluhr & Pamela Ginocchio share their savvy sense of style and inspirations for a spring nursery in today’s featured post. Welcome ladies!

Melisa Fluhr & Pamela Ginocchio from Project NurseryFor the Love of Linen
By Melisa Fluhr & Pamela Ginocchio
Project Nursery/ Little Apple Design

Spring is in the air, pep is in our step, it’s time to break out the linen. At Project Nursery, we look to none other than Pom Pom at Home – a lovely bedding line created by Belgium designers passionate about the casual elegance of quality linens.

No longer is the look limited to your clothing or exclusive to celebrity nurseries (umm… JLO). We can’t tell you how often we suggest white bedding to our Little Apple Design clients as a spring board for nursery inspiration. It usually catches them off guard however what’s more beautiful than delicate textures or breathable linen to add a little luxury to the room, year round.


Miracle Monday

Layla Grayce for Little Layla Grace
We truly have the best customers and fans – we’ve been uplifted and deeply touched by the response for little *Layla Grace Marsh shown and expressed in messages on our Facebook page and blog. Your efforts have collectively made an enormous difference in both the lives of this family and in helping to spread awareness about Neuroblastoma cancer.


Layla Grayce Pledges for Little Layla Grace

Layla Grace
Some of you may be aware of the story of Layla Grace – a brave little 2 year old from Texas who is in the final stages of Neuroblastoma (for details, read her family’s accounting of her illness on their blog: Due to similarity of names, many Layla Grayce customers and followers have asked us if there is a way we could bring attention to her story, and it is our honor to share this with you; to do what we can to help Layla Grace and raise awareness about Neuroblastoma.


Valentine’s Gift Ideas with the Hostess With the Mostess

Jennifer Sbranti is the charming and fashionable creator of the revered blog the and popular daily blog – See what inspires her this Valentine’s day – a two part special.

Need some gift ideas that coordinate with this theme? Whether you’re shopping for the party hostess, the guest of honor, or another special someone, here are some personal favorites that work well with this look… all from the current collection at Layla Grayce:


Valentine’s with the Hostess With the Mostess

February is the month of love, and as tradition holds full of reds, pinks, hearts, and flowers. But what is there for those of us who do not fit the norm? Those of us who are inspired by the modern and refreshingly eclectic? In these days of reinvention a valentine takes many different shapes, and the possibilities are endless. Inspire us Hostess.

Jennifer Sbranti is the co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of Hostess with the Mostess¬Æ (HWTM), a hip and modern party planning resource. HWTM brings creative entertaining ideas to light through an inspirational “how-to” website – and popular daily blog –


A Coastal Escape

Somerset Bay Furniture Collection
Has the sight of an object ever evoked a powerful memory, feeling or emotion? One glimpse of the pieces in the Somerset Bay collection and the light breeze coming through your window suddenly becomes laced with a hint of salt, you can almost feel the sand beneath your feet, and is that the distant sound of a seagull you hear? Never has furniture transported you like this. And while your senses are still indulging, your mind can rest assured knowing that the craftsmanship of Somerset Bay has raised the bar. With its relaxed style and unique lines the collection does not shy away from color, but rather features a 6 step patina finish that is just one of the many example of the quality Somerset bay exudes. Never has your home seemed more like a getaway destination before.

Oh Happy Day!

Romantic Homes January 2010
Romantic Homes
Romantic Homes
Romantic Homes
Layla Grayce fans gather around to get a healthy fix of their favorite style in the current issue of Romantic Homes Magazine on newsstands now. Our very own Wendy Estes shares her inspirations behind the design of her Atlanta, GA home using Layla Grayce products through a series of question and answers with our friends at Romantic Homes Magazine.¬? Tiffany Harris was also asked to give readers an inside peak at her predictions on upcoming design trends for 2010. Complete with images taken from Wendy’s home, this feature is a thrill for us at Layla Grayce and we just couldn’t wait to share.

To read more about Wendy & Tiffany’s style and design tips found in Romantic Homes Magazine, download the full article in pdf format.¬? See anything you would like to purchase from Layla Grayce? Browse through the Inspiration section of our website, or give our customer service department a call or drop us an email. For more press features, visit our Press Page.