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Celebrate With Kate {Bake Sale + Lemonade Stand}

Kate Landers Lemonade Stand
Photo credits clockwise from top: Lemonade stand via One Love Photo, Katie Brown Orchard beverage dispenser via Meijer, lemon image via Getty Images

Kate Landers Lemonade Stand
Photo credits clockwise from top left: Lemon Truffles by Sue Sparks, TomKat Studio imprintables, Pink Lemonade Cupcakes image courtesy of Neural 9 for The Cupcake Bar, TomKat Studio imprintables

With summer just around the corner, lemonade stands are popping up on grassy front lawns everywhere, often accompanied by baked goodies and darling smiles you can’t refuse! It’s Kate Landers again, here to share tips for creating the perfect bake sale or lemonade stand, styled to offer customers thirst-quenching lemonade and melt-in-your-mouth goodies. It’s a terrific opportunity to raise money for your school or charity and help children to learn entrepreneurial business skills and community leadership. And presentation can go a long way!

  • Dress The Part. Put on your favorite designer apron (one for you and your child!) not only to look fashionable, but also to protect your clothing from unexpected spills and splatters. One of my favorites is the Jessie Steele aqua and white polka dot apron.
  • Styling Your Sips. Use a plastic beverage dispenser for your lemonade {garnish with lemon slices and lots of ice} so customers can serve themselves, and you conserve table space. Next to the dispenser fill a jar or vase with striped paper straws–it is amazing how much punch a simple straw can add! Frost flex plastic are my cups of choice, as they chill even on a hot day. I love the monogram Clairebella trays to carry goods in and out of the house.
  • Trendy Baked Goodies. Home made treats are always a hit. In addition to the standard chocolate chip cookies and home made fruit pies, I recommend offering some trendy delights sure to “wow”: petite whoopie pies, cake truffles and pink lemonade-flavored cupcakes!
  • A Perfect Presentation. Other than keeping a tidy table, decorate your space with a striped fabric awning, a bowl of lemons and a charming printable banner. Kim of The TomKat Studio created an exclusive banner, dessert tags and cupcake toppers for Layla Grayce readers to enjoy for your next summer lemonade stand or bake sale! {see printable files below}. The dessert tags help guests identify items and cost, and the cupcake toppers add instant style to your home baked treats.
  • Pretty AND Practical Packaging. When it comes to wrapping up baked treats for your guests, get creative using colorful baker’s twine (available in almost every color you can think of) and paper doilies or treat sacks. Consider offering a stack of treats or mason jar of cookies for those who are in a hurry and don’t have time to hand select their sweets.

Enjoy this delightful opportunity to spend time with your child, raise money for your community or favorite charity and sweeten your summer!

TomKat Studio printable package