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Expressions of Color: Gold

Expressions of Color: Gold

As jewelry completes an outfit, metallic gold accents used in interiors add a dose of sparkle and glam that finishes a room to perfection. Gilding adds an antique look, but gold works just as well in modern shapes and silhouettes. For fashion, jewelry or interiors, the Midas touch makes everything a little more luxe! Shop all gold items here

Classics Modernized with Bungalow 5

Bungalow 5 Furniture and Lighting
Bungalow 5 Lighting
Bungalow 5 Side Tables and Coffee Tables
Fusion (n.) The union of different things by blending, merging or uniting, and the ideal description of what Bungalow 5 does so well. Taking classic, iconic Eastern and Western furniture and accessories, Bungalow 5 creatively reinterprets them for modern homes. The result is furniture that has a cool reference point to the past, echoing the details of Asian or French antiquities fused with a streamlined appeal and colors that pop. Here a reference point, there a familiar detail, pared down, recolored and reworked to create a line of furniture, lighting and accessories versatile enough to slip as comfortably into a traditional room as into a modern loft or sunroom.

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Mirror, mirror, on the wall?Ķ

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall
Aren?Äôt these the fairest of them all? If there is one thing to love, it?Äôs the perfect combination of unique femininity and timeless sophistication, and right now we?Äôve got our sights set on all things reflective. Mirrored and antiqued gold pieces have been making a come-back for a while now, but there is something so fresh about the personality in the Orchid Wall Prints and Aurum Convex Wall Mirror. And maybe that?Äôs just it?Ķwhat better vision to exude from a reflection than ?Äì personality. Yet these pieces can hang on any wall in any room, with each admirer taking something different from them. The design pulls your attention with its clean lines and metallic charm that you can both dial up or down. The textured metal detailing lends itself nicely to pairings with the Gold Leaf Photo and Wall Holders. Thematically, the combination is spot on and why not share the wealth with hints throughout the room. We say, let that personality shine!

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