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Waxing Poetic Jewelry For Mother’s Day

Waxing Poetic for Mother's Day

Waxing Poetic for Mother's Day
From Bottom Left: Waxing Poetic Personalized Voyager Insignia Charm, Gothic Brass and Silver Charm, Square Insignia Charm, Heart Charm, Antique Brass Insignia Charm, Rivet Charm, Miniature Silver Insignia Crest Charm

waxing day heart charms for mother's day
From Left: Waxing Poetic Celestial Heartglobe Pendant, Love and Risk Pendant, Heart Tablet Pendant

Waxing Poetic Gifts for Mother's Day
Waxing Poetic Bundled By Love Nest

Finding the perfect gift for mom each year can be difficult, but Waxing Poetic jewelry makes the task a whole lot easier – even fun! Thoughtful, sentimental and straight from the heart, Waxing Poetic’s heirloom-quality designs feature necklaces and bracelets you can personalize in endless ways with delicately-crafted charms and pendants. You can even design your own with the initials of Mom’s children or loved ones, for a stylish keepsake she’ll wear and treasure for years to come. Shop the latest styles from Waxing Poetic..

Giveaway & Guest Blogger ?Äì Olive & Cocoa

Olive & Cocoa

At Layla Grayce, Mother?Äôs Day holds a special place in our hearts, and in anticipation of the celebration to come we?Äôd like to introduce you to Olive & Cocoa ?Äì one of our ?Äúgo to?Äù places to shop for our own corporate gift giving. Lisa Berglund, co-founder of Olive & Cocoa, is an expert gift-giver in all senses of the word. Olive & Cocoa has infused its offerings with consistent, beautiful photography, and a unique product selection all wrapped up with a personal touch. Here are Lisa?Äôs own thoughts as to her own gift-giving philosophy: