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Miracle Monday

Layla Grayce for Little Layla Grace
We truly have the best customers and fans – we’ve been uplifted and deeply touched by the response for little *Layla Grace Marsh shown and expressed in messages on our Facebook page and blog. Your efforts have collectively made an enormous difference in both the lives of this family and in helping to spread awareness about Neuroblastoma cancer.


Layla Grayce Pledges for Little Layla Grace

Layla Grace
Some of you may be aware of the story of Layla Grace – a brave little 2 year old from Texas who is in the final stages of Neuroblastoma (for details, read her family’s accounting of her illness on their blog: Due to similarity of names, many Layla Grayce customers and followers have asked us if there is a way we could bring attention to her story, and it is our honor to share this with you; to do what we can to help Layla Grace and raise awareness about Neuroblastoma.