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Decor Mentor’s Buying Guide: The Perfect Area Rug

After working on more than 350 client homes, I’ve found that area rugs that are too small is one of the top three mistakes! I’m Lisa Ferguson of Decor Mentor and Lisa Ferguson Interior Design, and I’m here to spill my designer secrets with Layla Grayce so you can get it exactly right!

BUDGET: I recommend budgeting 25% of your room’s decorating budget for your rug.

STYLE: Do you know if you are more Modern than Traditional? Take a look at Decor Mentor’s 6 favorites. We love that you can almost always take a rug in either style direction!

Decor Mentor's Favorite Layla Grayce Rugs

Clockwise from top left: Dash and Albert Indoor/Outdoor Wool Rug, Ikat Tufted Wool Rug, Suzanne Kasler Oria Flower Aqua Braided Wool and Silk Rug, DwellStudio Home Almonds Ink Wool Rug, Soho Blue Contemporary Blue Wool Rug, Amy Butler Hand-Tufted Lacework Blue Wool Rug


  • If you have pets and kids, choose colors that mask dirty hand marks and pet hair. 
  • The more pattern in a rug, the lower the maintenance. 
  • The more color in a rug, the easier it will be to make a room feel layered.
  • Take cues from your rug to build a color scheme for your entire room. As designers, we color match colors in the rug with paint chips to use as color references. We always carry the chips around in our client files to help match!
  • You can use rugs of different patterns within the same room as long as the colors coordinate.
  • SCALE: Always vary the scale differing patterns in your room. Typically, I like to make sure I have a mix of small, medium and large patterns, as well as a stripe and some solids in every room scheme.

    SIZE: No matter the room, measure your minimum and maximum sizes before you go shopping. We put the info right into our iPhone so it’s easily accessible.

    Dining Rooms:

    • The chair legs shouldn’t fall off the rug when people are seated at the table or pulling the chairs away from the table to seat themselves. Most dining room tables need an 8′ wide area rug.
    • To determine which size rug you need, measure the length and width of the table and add at least 4′ to each measurement. 

    Bedrooms & Living Rooms:

    • 8-16″ of hardwood around perimeter of an area rug is optimal in the living room. In the bedroom, 24″ of rug on sides and end of bed is ideal.
    • Avoid area rug edges and corners in major traffic flow areas for safety. Go bigger or smaller if you can.
    • At minimum, front legs of furniture should be on the area rug. If possible it is preferable to have all legs on the rug to create a pulled together and professional look.

    Optimal Rug Configurations

    Synthetic Fibers:

    • Acrylic: Very resistant to sunlight, mildew and stains.
    • Polypropylene/Olefin: This inexpensive synthetic fiber is the most water and stain-resistant fiber.
    • Nylon: Durable and easy to clean.

    Natural Fibers:

    • Wool: Softness, durability and cleanability make wool a superior fiber.
    • Cotton: Not as durable as wool. Can often be hand washed but will show wear before wool.
    • Silk: Silk adds luster, especially to wool. I like to see it in blended carpets as it’s not as durable as wool.
    • Jute: The softest of all natural fibers. When exposed to direct sunlight, jute may fade or darken in color. With prolonged exposure to moisture, the fiber disintegrates. 
    • Sisal: Leading the pack for durability in natural fibers. Both static-free and colorfast.

    RUG CARE: A rug pad will absorb sound and create cushion. Not only will it prevent the rug from moving, it will also reduce wear and tear on the rug and the floor underneath.

    New DwellStudio Crib Bedding For 2012

    DwellStudio Rosette Blossom Crib Set
    DwellStudio Rosette Blossom Crib Bedding Set and Rosette Blossom Rug
    Shown below: Kid’s Play Blanket, Round Kid’s Rug, Crib Bumper, Kid’s Boudoir Pillow

    DwellStudio Woodland Tumble Crib Set
    DwellStudio Woodland Tumble Mocha Crib Bedding Set and Woodland Tumble Chocolate Rug
    Shown below: Round Kid’s Rug, Kid’s Boudoir Pillow, Crib Bumper, Kid’s Play Blanket

    DwellStudio Vintage Blossom Crib Set
    DwellStudio Vintage Blossom Blush Crib Bedding Set and Zig Zag Pink Multi Rug
    Shown below: Crib Bumper, Kid’s Boudoir Pillow, Kid’s Play Blanket

    DwellStudio is known for their unique graphic prints, and the latest introductions for 2012 are sure to please. Woodland critters in shades of ash and soft green amble across crib bumpers, punchy coral blossoms spring up on rugs and pillows and pretty pink toile birds perch on flowering branches. Available in bibs, changing covers, pillows, rugs, crib sets and individual crib separates, we know you’ll find a lot to love in the latest collection. Shop what’s new from DwellStudio

    DwellStudio Kids Sleep Sack Dots Chocolate

    Spend $220 on DwellStudio crib bedding or crib separates and receive a chocolate dots sleep sack while supplies last! Enter code: dwell2012 at checkout.

    A Taste of The Exotic: New DwellStudio For The Home

    DwellStudio for the home

    DwellStudio Batavia Duvet Set in Dove, Batavia Euro Sham Set in Dove, Batavia Pillow Sham Set in Dove, Dotted Trellis Pillow in Azure

    DwellStudio for the home

    DwellStudio Vintage Blossom Pillow in Azure, Masala Metallic Silver Long Pillow and Masala Metallic Silver Square Pillow, Batavia Pillow in Azure, Gate Wool Rug Ash/Cream

    DwellStudio for the home

    DwellStudio Trellis Duvet Set in Dove, Matelasse Pyramids Euro Shams in Dove, Peacock Citrine Pillow

    DwellStudio for the home

    DwellStudio Facet Wool Rug in Cream/Major Brown, Masala Metallic Bronze Long Pillow, Labyrinth Pillow in Persimmon, Vintage Blossom Pillow in Persimmon, Masala Metallic Bronze Square Pillow

    DwellStudio for the home

    DwellStudio Draper Stripe Wool Rug in Major Brown/Cream, Circles Duvet Set in Persimmon, Circles Sheet Set in Persimmon, Vintage Blossom Pillow in Persimmon

    DwellStudio for the home

    DwellStudio Home Silhouette Cocoa Duvet Set, Matelasse Pyramids Coverlet in Ash, Labyrinth Pillow in Citrine , Silhouette Cocoa Sheet Set, Matelasse Pyramids Euro Shams in Ash, DwellStudio Draper Stripe Wool Rug in Major Brown/Cream

    DwellStudio for the home

    DwellStudio Facet Rug in Cream/Citrine, Labyrinth Pillow in Ash, Labyrinth Pillow in Citrine , Batavia Pillow in Citrine

    DwellStudio for the home

    DwellStudio Batavia Duvet Set in Citrine, Masala Citrine Sheet Set

    This season DwellStudio gives us bedding and home collections inspired by traditional textiles and colors of exotic, far flung locales. Ikat prints and new geometric patterns have an exotic worldly feel reminiscent of Indonesian designs, all updated with a modern DwellStudio look. Metallic bronze pillows pop against the warm, spicy colors of persimmon, ash, citrine and cream, while silver chills out with the cooler palette of dove and azure. Tipping their hat to their own historical archive, you’ll also find some favorite vintage DwellStudio prints making a return appearance. Mix them all together and finish the look with a graphic, patterned rug in coordinating colors. Shop all new DwellStudio additions >


    Vibrant Colors, Cool California Style: Trina Turk

    Trina Turk pillows, rugs and indoor/outdoor fabrics

    Trina Turk pillows and rugs

    Trina Turk pillows

    Trina Turk pillows and indoor/outdoor fabrics

    Trina Turk pillows and rugs

    Trina Turk indoor/outdoor fabrics

    Trina Turk pillows

    Trina Turk pillows, rugs and indoor/outdoor fabrics

    In the still chilly days of March, we are longing to be in Trina Turk’s world of exuberant bright colors, graphic prints and retro-glam, Palm Springs California style. If you are a fan of Trina’s fashion collections, we know you’ll love her new home collections. Eye popping pillows in yummy colors, boldly patterned rugs for underfoot and her new collection of indoor/outdoor fabrics that tie it all together. We are SO ready to lounge by the pool, sinking into piles of Trina Turk pillows. Now if only Trina would invite us over for Spring break…
    Shop the Trina Turk home collections >


    Trend Watch: Ikat


    Interior Design magazine Jun/Jul 2010 Design by: Elizabeth Bauer


    Designer: Emma Pilkington, Photographer: Roger Davies

    Essex Ikat Upholstered Ottoman

    Essex Ikat Upholstered Ottoman from West Elm

    ikat curtains

    Ikat Ogee linen window panels from West Elm


    Bravado Ikat fabric from Thibaut

    Cobalt Sophistikat carpet Tiles from Flor

    ikat for the home

    ikat for women

    We love when traditional textiles get a modern makeover – blending ancient craft with contemporary sensibility. It’s a look that catches the eye, and this year ikat is turning heads in both home decor and fashion. Rendered in updated bold, bright colors and showing up in unexpected places, we’re smitten by the juxtaposition of ikat pillows and textiles popping up in all decor styles ranging from modern to eclectic. Mind, we’re not advocating a room or wardrobe full of ikat (there’s something to be said for too much of a good thing), but as a fashionable accent to update your look for the season? Inspired!


    I Can Almost Smell The Ocean Breeze…

    Serena and Lily Ventura bedding collection

    I can almost smell the ocean...

    The soft, muted tones of sand, seaglass and aqua in Serena and Lily’s new bedding collections evoke memories of our favorite beach house, relaxed Summer days and the smell of the ocean drifting through open windows. Bring a touch of beach inspired décor to you bedroom, pairing the new bedding with upholstered pieces in light sand, linen burlap and deep seaglass. A pearlescent shell mirror and glazed blue lamps add shimmering accents to white washed walls, while aged and distressed woods add substance and anchor the room. Don’t forget the oh-so cozy throw to ward off evening chills, and you can be reliving your memories of the beach all year long.


    I Want, I Need: Color!

    Company C rugs and pillows
    Company C rugs and pillows
    Company C rugs and pillows
    Company C rugs and pillows
    Company C rugs and pillows
    Company C rugs and pillows
    Winter doldrums, feeling blah and everything is cold and gray. Exactly how long ‘til Spring? Company C comes to the rescue with the prescription for banishing gray days – you need a dose of color and stat! Known for their rich, saturated color palettes, the new arrivals from Company C are the perfect touch to freshen up your décor. Gorgeous, plush wool rugs bring bold color underfoot and accent neutral furnishings, while the addition of a few vibrant pillows take your couch from tired to terrific. Shop all new Company C arrivals >


    Expressions of Color: Red

    Expressions of Color: Red
    Ah red – a color that is bold and unafraid, punctuating interiors and fashion with a jolt of fiery heat. Ranging from deep blue-toned reds to cerise and deep shades of coral, red rivets the attention. Softer and more feminine when paired with white, pink and light aqua, it also shifts to the masculine paired with blues, tans and shades of aged cream. Shop all red items here


    New DwellStudio for Kids



    Like busy little elves, DwellStudio has been working overtime this season; introducing a new furniture collection, new bedding for kids and nursery, toys, books, accessories and so much more. There is so much “new” it’s almost too much to describe! The clean lines of the Century Collection of furniture, upholstered gliders and ottomans, graphic rugs, fabulous new prints and a treasure trove of accent items perfect for gifts. Shop all our DwellStudio for kids new additions >


    Expressions of Color: Espresso

    Expressions of color: Espresso

    Warm undertones enliven this deep shade of brown which is not quite black, but percolates with character and substance, adding just the right amount of impact. Espresso is equally at home in the world of contemporary decor as it is in traditional, looking especially chic with dashes of softened, desaturated hues of pinks, blues and greens.Shop all espresso colored items here