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Gianna Rose Couture Soaps & Gifts

Gianna Rose Couture SoapImagine my surprise when I unwrapped the charming packaging of the Gianna Rose Seashell Soaps, only to find a breathtaking (and REAL) abalone shell. It was like finding my own treasure on the beachyet flawless and functional! Indulge in these little soaps of fancy, and take your summer vacation a bit early this year. Many, many precious theme options are available including two lovebirds for the newlyweds on your list, Breast Cancer Awareness soaps for any special lady in your life, and Robin’s eggs complete with ceramic nest! You might just find yourself reconsidering letting your guests have all the fun… every bathroom deserves pretty soap afterall. And speaking of what you deserve – sleep your night away knowing that all Gianna Rose soaps are made of a vegetable based, are biodegradable, and come in a box made of recycled materials. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving… even if it’s just a gift for you!