The Prettiest Office Accessory EVER!

Mirrored Magnet Board with White Birds

Let?Äôs face it, office accessories have never made anyone?Äôs top 10 list of romantic and beautiful ?Äúmust have?Äù items. But that?Äôs all about to change with this multi-purpose mirrored magnet board. We?Äôve never seen anything so utilitarian look so lovely! It?Äôs a mirror, a magnet board AND a piece of art for your walls. White birds and branches are screened onto the magnetized mirror which hangs from a white satin ribbon. Framed in brass, it also includes 5 whimsical brass magnets. We also love this used as a mirror in an entry way ?Äì post ?Äúreminder?Äù notes for yourself, postcards of your favorite places or inspirational photos.

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