Giveaway and Q&A with Waxing Poetic

Waxing Poetic Giveaway and Q&A

As an exciting addition to our featured poster family, we are happy to introduce Patti Pagliei, co-creator of Waxing Poetic – a line of artisanal jewelry that makes us swoon. Welcome Patti!

Will you enlighten our readers as to what the Waxing Poetic style/ look is and how to achieve it?
The Waxing Poetic style is relative to the person wearing the jewelry. Each of our designs is really an element of a common language, to be combined and layered on, sort of like pieces of a great story or tiny works of art, to be curated as you see fit. The look is warm, subtle, artisan in feel. These are the tiny treasures of your life, bespeaking your adventures, loves, friends… and the personal style comes from that.

Tell us a bit about your company’s history. What was the inspiration for starting Waxing Poetic?
I started designing jewelry and accessories as a business back in 2001, combining my love of antique fabrications with more current styles. We had a wonderful collection, crafting one-of-a-kind pieces using vintage elements from old chandeliers and scavenged antique jewelry. Then an idea struck; and we introduced the Waxing Poetic line the following year with just 3 charm styles, derived from antique wax seals and the whole slow, deliberate method of communicating with letters and seals. The thought was that there was poetry behind how the alphabet somehow links us together. So often in life, we share icons, talismans, and secrets without meaning to so inspiration came to create a line that lets us connect, this time, on purpose, with a history that is much older than we are.

The name “Waxing Poetic” embraces the nature of your design. You were formerly known as the Pagliei collection. What prompted the company’s name change a few years back?
We spent our first 6 years in business as going here and there with many different concepts in jewelry and accessories, always changing with the season. The one collection that carried through season to season, that customers kept asking for, was Waxing Poetic. It had such classic roots, and stood the test of time. It was then that we realized that the Waxing Poetic collection deserved a life of its own – that the real design DNA we all thrived on was in this concept. So we streamlined the business, and rebranded our company in 2006 as “Waxing Poetic.”

What has been the most rewarding part about running your company?
Turning the romantic notion of making art all day into a business, and being able to work creatively alongside dedicated, talented people. We have a fantastic team of some of the most inventive minds I have ever met… it is a blast every day. I also love how our company has its own extended family; people that love what we do and how meaningful it is to them.

Your designs are inspired by the vintage, antique, and cherished. They are not what one would consider seasonal or trendy. However, what designs can we expect from Waxing Poetic in the near future?
We do many new introductions each year, and are always designing multiple collections at one time. You’ll see additions to our baby and men’s collections, as well as small, keepsake objects coming soon. We’re also really enjoying the further development of some recent themes like our Storybook Pages, Restoratives, and Heart is Your Map collections, and playing off themes of memory, protection and home in new mixed metal fabrications. Our handmade chain collection is sure to expand as well.

Do you subscribe to the philosophy that “less is more” or “the more the merrier”?
For me, it really changes based on the intention. Sometimes a simple, powerful standalone piece is all that is needed; other times, piling it on really works. The great thing about our collection is that the pieces can be worn alone, or combined at will.

What is your favorite Waxing Poetic design or charm combination?
Tough question! It is like asking a mother if they have a favorite child… I love them all!

What are your two top selling charms?
Other than our insignias, I would say the birthstones and mixed metal Wing & Prayer charms.

Do you have a favorite design related blog that you enjoy?
I like to check out 100 Layer Cake to see all the creative ideas couples use to make their Big Day special… especially the stationary and gift elements. I also find myself on Design*Sponge, Peak of Chic and Coolhunting… all really great, among others I just seem to land on.

Waxing Poetic makes a commendable effort to recycle and “be green” in all senses of the term. In addition you have a unique relation to the betterment of global welfare. Tell us more about your connection to the Balinese?
We wanted to use artisanal techniques to make our jewelry, and to make sure it was made in a way that showcased that it is handcrafted, and honored the tradition of metalwork. The Balinese have a long-standing history of silver smithing and wax carving. They are amazing artisans, and their culture is really beautiful. We feel like the precision and care they take into making our jewelry comes through in the finished product, and this really celebrates what our brand is about. We learned early on that we have a responsibility as manufacturers to not only support those that make our goods, but also leave a small footprint behind. The Balinese are a very conscious community, and use the most sustainable methods available in their process.

A gift for you – Giveaway time! Waxing Poetic has offered up their beautiful Fleur de Lis charm to one lucky winner and Layla Grayce is throwing in the winner’s choice of a Waxing Poetic chain! Thank you to Waxing Poetic. Contest rules are as follows:

  • By making your everyday extraordinary, your proudest moment, your dreams and stories unfolding, you unleash your own simple and deeply meaningful story with a collection Waxing Poetic charms. Leave a comment in our blog or in this Facebook posting directly below, what your charm of choice would represent and your entered to win the Fleur de Lis! Click here to view the entire Waxing Poetic collection.

Congratulations to Melody Jones of AZ, winner of the Waxing Poetic necklace. We thank Patti from Waxing Poetic for her contribution to our blog. It was a joy having you visit!

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59 Responses to “Giveaway and Q&A with Waxing Poetic”

  1. Tracy Hardy Says:

    These are very nice. I love that they are not your “normal” type of charms. This is the first I have heard of them, just checked out their web page. Very nice!

  2. Kimberly Stovall Says:

    The crown is one that would start my story because I am a creation of God, my king! Every story has a beginning and the story cannot begin without an author….

  3. Robin Says:

    I love the initial charms that represent myself and my daughter! Waxing Poetic is beautiful, classy, and timeless!

  4. Stacey Janzen Says:

    I would love to have the custom letters to wear together to show for my three children. (A,H & S) Beautiful collection you have ;)

  5. Kristin Daugherty Says:

    My charm of choice would be the awareness ribbon… because my life has been touched in so many ways by cancer and anyway that I can carry out that message of hope, strength and awareness… is another way to show your support.

  6. Susan Says:

    Wow! This is the first I’ve heard of Waxing Poetic and I think I’m in love!! My charm of choice would be the Mother Banner. Of the many titles I carry, ‘Mother’ is the most precious and the best gift I have ever been given!

  7. Cathi Says:

    I so love jewelry that tells a story–you can start up conversations with a complete stranger! I would choose for the first charm one that someone would really look at–and ask me about it, so we could talk. Thanks!

  8. Tara Reimer Says:

    Love the uniqueness of these charms. If I had my choice, I would represent the uniqueness of my family through these charms and keep them close to my heart.

  9. Sydney S Says:

    The Waxing Poetic Personalized Charm Antique Brass Insignia w/ the letter “O” would represent my son. He has taught me so much about myself and is the love of my life. So many beautiful charms and the designs are so unique.

  10. Shannon Says:

    My charm of choice would be a bow. I make hair bows for my daughter and all my friends and family. Its a big part of who I am because I taught myself to do everything on my own. I think its important for everyone to express their creativity in one way or another. Congrats to Waxing Poetic for turning their creativity into a business! Beautiful work! You are an inspiration to all us “starving artists” out there…

  11. Monica Says:

    I love these charms! I sent the website to my husband for gift ideas and I hope he buys me a set soon!

  12. Lauren's Mom in AZ Says:

    I can’t pick a favorite because I love them all and here’s why: I have been in love with wax seals and paper for 15 years and have a small collection that I treasure. Every charm reminds me of the joy I receive from embellishing stationary with little works of art. These charms are super cute and I would be honored to wear any of them. Maybe I am leaning toward the silver insignia :-)

  13. Jennie Says:

    Gorgeous collection! I love all of the personalized charms. I especially like that this collections mimics vintage pieces that are hard to find.

  14. Leslie Lewis Says:

    I have two of the Waxing Poetic charms. I had looked and looked for a beautiful initial charm after I had my daughter and I saw your charms in a store and knew that was exactly what I wanted! I ended up getting two. One for each of her names. I get so many compliments on them! I cant wait to get more. They are absolutely beautiful! My daughter is 1 but when she is old enough I intend on buying her her own charms:)

  15. Leslie Lewis Says:

    I actually have two of the Waxing Poetic charms. After I had my daughter I wanted an intitial necklace for myself with her initials. I went into a boutique and as soon as I saw them I knew they were exactly what I had been looking for. I cant wait to get more. My daughter is 1 but as soon as she is old enough she will have her own Waxing Poetic charms. I have already started collecting for her!

  16. Kimberly Says:

    I love the charms. Very vintage. I like the rough circle looking one. It reminds me of a sand dollar. I would like to see more patriotic charms, such as flags, military emblems, such as The Eagle,Globe and Anchor for the Marines. I also think that a profile pic of a baby’s face would be sweet. Keep up the good work.

  17. Kristen Says:

    My charm I would choose that has the most meaning to me would be the Big Sis/Little Sis charm. My little sister, who is really close to me, recently moved to Alaska(living in California with our family before her move). Since her move I’ve missed her emensely! Having this charm would be like having a piece of her with me.

  18. Kari Says:

    I LOVE LOVE the prayer crown charm and the antique brass insignia, I would chose ‘S’ for my last name!!! Beautiful jewelry, thanks!!! :)

  19. Cheryl Marunde Says:

    My story begins with my mother. She has the warmest heart and the most beautiful smile. I’d get the prayer crown because I think it represents exactly what she means to me.

  20. Diana Says:

    I would love one of the personalized charms to represent the best wonder in my life…my baby girl!

  21. Melanie Says:

    I would have one that says “Faith” because when I was having trouble getting pregnant and felt really down about it the sone “Have a little Faith” would go through my head… then a few days later I’d find out I was pregnant. The song never went through my head at any other time. I really felt the message came from God.

  22. sara parker Says:

    I have loved this line of jewelry for several years, but have never purchased one. So unique and yet classic. What a great way to make an understated statement…

  23. JoBeth Bradley Says:

    The Waxing Poetic Personalized Charm Antique Brass Insignia is beautiful. Words, letters have significant meaning to individuals, especially when it relates to names. The letter B threads my family together through generations.

  24. Eilyne Says:

    I love the vintage style monogram charms. I have a necklace for my first two children. I just had my third and the “a” would be a perfect way to think of him! Think I’ll have to go for it! Such great jewelry. Thanks!

  25. LauraBeth99 Says:

    I LOVE your Peace Quill necklace – it is truly poetic.

  26. mary Says:

    love them all…especially the personalized round insignia…reminds me of old spanish coins!

  27. Lisa Lothman Says:

    Beautiful. I have never come across them before FB and Layla Grayce. I love sentimental jewelry that has meaning, a story..close to your heart. I believe the letter ‘S’ to represent my maiden name would be my first..and so it begins.

  28. Brittany Says:

    Um, well….. the fleur de lis is the charm I’d pick to represent myself. It’s a little crazy that this would be the one given away too! Maybe it’s fate?! (fingers crossed) I’ve had a thing with fleur de lis for a while and have them randomly placed throughout my house. My husband is originally from New Orleans and we got married there as well. Therefore, it has a special place in my heart. The fleur de lis brings back so many good memories!

  29. Antinette Says:

    These are so darling- the initials would be my choice, mine, my hubby’s and my daughter’s! I think it would be a lovely way to wear my love for them.

  30. Amelia Says:

    I really really love the letter charms, but I think that the first one I’d want to get would be the prayer crown for my three year old daughter: to remind her that she is a daughter of her Father in Heaven and therefor a princess!

  31. Elyse Says:

    These are adorable! I think I would choose the initials…mine, my baby’s, and a my husbands to represent our family.

  32. Kaysie Says:

    I love the antique brass insignia. So pretty and classic! That is the one I would choose for myself… a letter “K”.

  33. Sharon Says:

    My choice would represent my embracing of all life brings to me.

  34. Kristi Says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Waxing Poetic! I’ve been looking for some charms sinde my first son was born in 2008 and now that I’m expecting my second in August, I’m so happy to have found them in my own town! Thank you!

  35. Dorene Says:

    I would have to choose my intial to represent me, just me.

  36. Deanna hamsley Says:

    I have 4 children and I have a charm for each! I also have one for me, 2 that represent my husband and one with the heart and cross that represents my family and God!!

  37. Renell Smith Says:

    I absolutely love the character that is in this line. Everything looks so handmade and individual. I’ve always been a fan of wax seals and love that look interpreted in jewelry. I would really like mixed charms on a fresh water pearl necklace representing myself, my husband and my precious boys! Great line! I love it!

  38. Nichol Says:

    There is nothing like you guys! I love them all but would have to choose the brass insignia letter N in memory of my grandmother. Then I could complete my memory necklace. Keep up the great work, always excited to see your new stuff ~ much love!

  39. Tina Says:

    The paw print represents the love of my life and my souldoggie!

  40. catherine s. Says:

    I love anything Fleur de Lis – this is such a cool spin on it…would love to win! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  41. Sally McBryde Says:

    I would LOVE the antique silver charm with my initial on it “S”…then I would add my children’s initials, then I would add to those too many to choose from because I LOVE them all. My birthday is in a couple of days, so hopefully I will be wearing one around my neck soon:)

  42. Sally McBryde Says:

    I would LOVE the antique silver charm with my initial on it. I would add my childrens initials too. My birthday is in a couple of days so my fingers are crossed:)

  43. Tracy Says:

    I like wearing multiple charms, I would wear the Waxing Poetic Personalized Charm Baby Insignia Gold Plate with my initial ‘T’ and I would also get the Fleur de Lis charm because my mom has always bought me Fleur de Lis Jewelry and I associate it with her immediately! I also love the ‘Waxing Poetic Miniature Round Insignia Trinket Box Croix’ as a first communion gift for my niece to place her rosary in. I would cut and paste a picture under the lid for her!

  44. connie henion Says:

    I would love the fleur de lis charm to add to my collection. I have the st croix already as well as initial charms. The Waxing Poetic pieces are timeless and classic!

  45. marisa Says:

    I purchased the storybook charm, “fairy Godmother” and a beautiful chain for my girlfriend. She generously offered to help plan and host my daughter’s baby shower. I thought this would be a unique gift that she can wear and remember forever. The shower is this weekend, I’ll let you know how much she loves it. I would love baby block initial in silver for my soon to be born “Zoe”..

  46. Kimberly Cage Says:

    I would have to choose my initial to represent me, just me!

  47. Aimee Lashley Says:

    I just stumbled onto this wonderful blog and have now discovered these gorgeous charms!!! I would say that I would probably start out my collection with an “S” initial charm as that’s what all 4 of my kids’ names start with.

  48. April Crisafulli Says:

    The “When You Wish” storybook charm is a special one. I always loved that song and while walking by Cinderella’s castle in Disneyworld with my husband, it was playing and we danced.

  49. Jill Says:

    it’s hard to pick one!! i think one of the beautiful crosses..followed by my children’s initials! thanks!!

  50. Mona P Says:

    I have 2 choices I know I am supposed to pick something other than the Fleur De lis but that symbol reminds me of my 20 yr old daughter. This for some reason is her favorite symbol whenever she sees it on something she wants the item.

    other is the “B” initial charm monogram for my daughters name

  51. Cairith Says:

    My charm would have to be the story book charm, “everlasting” … I have my 10yr anniversary this summer…

  52. Sheri S. Says:

    I love the monogram charms and would have to pair it with the clover from the whimsie collection. Erin Go Braugh! (I’m hoping the luck of the Irish will be with me.)

  53. Amanda R. Says:

    I would start with an initial charm and birthstone charm to represent my son’s birthday.

  54. Vienna R. Says:

    I really like the wish tonic pendant and the longer style necklaces

  55. Joan Pippert Says:

    I love my grandchildren and would like charms with their initials in them.

  56. Justin Donald Says:

    I have a great respect for the military and like the dog tag pendant with the cross

  57. Tony C. Says:

    My wife absolutely LOVES the Waxing Poetic line of jewelry. She has the square insignia charm necklace and bracelet and I would like to get her some other charms with our kids initials to add on.

  58. Lynn T. Says:

    If I won the fleur de lis pendant I would put it on the 2-tone chain. Then I would be able to still wear my gold AND silver jewelry with it. It would match everything.