Giveaway and Q&A with Clairebella

Kathy Denness of Clairebella


Getting personal is a way of life for Clairebella owner and designer Kathy Denness. Her artful line is our go-to resource for finding an impressive and personal gift with wow-factor, especially for the often challenging hostess, teacher, coach or co-worker gifts. Enamored with the way she showcases a name with stylish savvy, we wanted to know more about Kathy:

Tell us how Clairebella came to be
Starting Clairebella was really about being able to have a flexible career that would allow me to be with my kids and also use my creativity. I was always doing something creative as a child, whether drawing, sewing or crafting of some sort. I started out as an Art Major but my parents kind of frowned on that a little, so I changed my major and graduated from college with a degree in Communications/Public Relations. Clairebella started out in the juvenile products world and changed our business model to incorporate my patterns into our own product line. I saw personalized products as a growing category and decided to try to offer something new to the market and we really found our niche.

How would you describe your personal style and how does it influence your designs?
I have an eclectic aesthetic. I like vintage and modern. An antique chest paired with a modern, clean-lined sofa.

What trends are catching your eye, and how will we see them incorporated in Clairebella products in the future?
Personalization is booming. I think that with every new product we introduce that is personalized or customizable, the more our customers want and expect from us. New technology is bringing opportunities for different types of products that can be personalized, so as we grow our business you can expect to see a broader range of personalized products from Clairebella

Here are Kathy’s Five Faves from the Clairebella line:

  • Clairebella Cutting Board

    Cutting Board:
    It adds a touch of color to my white kitchen. I keep it behind my stovetop on display when I’m not using it. I like to change it out with a holiday style (like fall harvest) now and again for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  • Clairebella Coasters

    I love to give them as hostess gifts! My favorite Clairebella patterns are chain, diamond, damask and links.

  • Clairebella Melamine Plates

    Melamine Plates:
    I like to set the table with coordinating mix and match plates in the same two colors, like green and blue. I think it makes it more interesting to have them in a couple different patterns.

  • Clairebella Note cube

    Note cube:
    We all have our sticky notes on our desks at our office and with 700 pages, they last forever!

  • Clairebella Water Bottle

    Water Bottle:
    great to take to the gym, in the car. No plastic waste!

Let’s get to know Kathy a little better with a “quick-fire” round of questions:

  • Blogs I check daily: Hostess with the Mostess
  • My first job was: working the salad bar at Sirloin Stockade
  • My favorite color is: every shade of blue
  • I cannot live without: my family & running, and sometimes running from my family (I have teenagers – LOL!)
  • My favorite guilty pleasure is: Panda Express Orange Chicken
  • The best advice I ever received is: listen to your gut
  • A cause I care deeply about is: foster kids, Orphan Foundation of America and Orphan Society of America

It’s giveaway time: Kathy has generously offered TWO lucky winners a large personalized cutting board in the pattern and color of their choice! To enter for a chance to win, leave a comment here or on our Facebook page telling us your favorite “signature” Fall dish to make. Contest ends Friday, October 8 at 6pm EDT.

Mmmm! This post made us hungry with all these signature dishes. We could almost taste Lindsay Richardson’s Chicken Pot Pie and Jaime Haywood’s Pork Roast and Dumplings. They are the lucky winners of the cutting boards from Clairebella!


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41 Responses to “Giveaway and Q&A with Clairebella”

  1. Heidi Says:

    I love roast or smoked turkey in the fall. Just makes me happy.

  2. Melissa Says:

    My crock pot chili is my favorite signature fall dish!

  3. els Says:

    Way cool designs. Especially with grey weather days ahead so much fun to see bright and happy colors!

  4. Katie Says:

    Butternut Squash soup…yum.

  5. Kim Says:

    Chili with macaroni added in + cornbread on the side. YUM!

  6. Jamie Says:

    Anything cooked with pumpkin! I love the way my house smells. :)

  7. Jaime Says:

    Love all of your designs, makes me want to throw a party for every single occasion! As for cooking, I’m still trying hard to learn but I have mastered one dish! My favorite “fall signature dish” is pork roast and dumplings, recipe from my grandma! So yummy – I could sit there at the table after everyone is done and just finish eating all of the dumplings, one by one. Never too full for dumplings! :)

  8. Sofia Marta Says:

    Turkey Chili is a great fall dish for my fmly., and I love cooking it in the fall!

  9. Jessica Says:

    Homemade beans and brown bread with Lemon sponge for dessert :)

  10. Allison Says:

    Nothing says fall more to me than a mug of hot mulled cider and a homemade spiced pumpkin muffin top. Perfect to wake up to or as an afternoon pick me up on a crisp day!

  11. lara Says:

    i have a secret pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe that ONLY comes out this time of year. friends and family look forward to fall because they know i’ll be backing them up in batches!

  12. Cyndi Says:

    My favorite fall dish to make is Creamy Chicken Tortilla Soup. Thanks for the chance to win!

  13. Kelly Says:

    Mmmm, chicken and dumplings in the slow cooker! :)

  14. Cheryl Marunde Says:

    Pumpkin squares! My daughter called me from college and wanted to know if I’d make them for her when she visits this weekend. She said that she misses having them……what about missing her mom??! :)

  15. Debbie Traynor Says:

    Believe it or not…my hubby and I love tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches! Quick and simple, and oh soooo yummy!!! ♥

  16. Anne Says:

    It has to be pumpkin cheesecake with real whipped topping!

  17. FoxyMomma Says:

    i love to make chili.. or beef stew! i think i may cook some this week! yum!!

  18. Melissa Says:

    My absolute favorite dish to cook for fall is a dish I got from my sister’s in-laws. There was no name for it really but I call it “Heavenly Hash” as it is Heavenly! It is one of those dishes that when you take a bite your eyes close with pleasure!

  19. Tanya Says:

    I love any stew or chili that has cooked a long time in the crock pot. So so yummy!

  20. Lisa Rodgers Says:

    I love to make homemade chicken enchilada soup with crispy baked tortilla strips! Can’t wait for the temperatures to stay cool long enough to make it!

  21. Sharon Says:

    My signature dish for the fall is chicken and sweet potato stew….its something I came up with myself, and my family just loves it.

  22. Melissa Says:

    I love making my family’s “secret” meatloaf with mashed potatoes, or if you are thinking of dessert I love making Bubble Bread. I am excited about the giveaway, there are so many choices…I hope to win!!

  23. Amanda Says:

    Hmmm…fall has so many of my favorite tastes and smells. My family loves apple halves baked with cranberries, pecans and a yummy homemade sauce! Of course, close seconds are pumpkin cookies (also with cranberries and pecans) and chicken stew. Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. Sydney S Says:

    My favorite is the Ham & Cheddar Bread Bowl Dip. It’s warm and savory. Just how Fall meals should be.

  25. Schmidty Says:

    A simmering pot of spicy gumbo!

  26. Jessica Says:

    Sweet potato casserole! Our family recipe with brown sugar/pecan topping… Yum! :)

  27. Jessi Says:

    I always make Chili

  28. Suzanne Lafreniere Says:

    My classic favorite is butternut squash soup!

  29. Lauren Says:

    my favorite fall dish is chocolate chip pumpkin muffins – delicious!

  30. Jessica Says:

    Pumpkin waffles with whipped cream on a Sunday morning!

  31. sydney85 Says:

    Pork roast with baked potatoes makes the family all turn up for Sunday dinner.

  32. Emilie @ Baby Loving Mama Says:

    I love this Italian Soup! It is the perfect fall meal! Thank you so much for the chance!

  33. kribss Says:

    cinnamon apple cake!

  34. Kelley Says:

    Every year my husband and I go to a nearby orchard and pick fresh apples from the tree. Then we take them home and make a fresh apple pie! It’s the best!

  35. Amy C Says:

    My favorite dish for fall is Santa Fe Soup.

  36. Tash Says:

    Pumpkin bread!

  37. Reyna Says:

    My favorite signature fall dish is for sure Sweet Potatoes – marshmallows on top of course! Delicious. Thanks for the chance!

  38. Jennifer S. Says:

    My favorite fall recipe is homemade pumpkin bread! It’s such a delicious treat especially when paired with a hot cup of coffee in the morning – YUM!

  39. Randi Says:

    Venison chili!

  40. Mavis Says:

    My favorite fall dish to make is Pork chops w/stuffing and apple pie filling in the slow cooker. So filling and makes the house smell great!

  41. Flavia @ Estilo Home Says:

    I love making shepard’s pie as well as chicken & dumplins. Comfort food, yum!