12 Days of Holiday Giveaways: Day 12

12 Days of Holiday Giveaways: Day 12
Vote on which one would make your holiday list and you could win it! Leave a comment below to be entered to win. At the end of the day a winner will be selected from all comments posted on our blog or on facebook (and no worries, you can be a winner even if your choice doesn’t finish as the top pick of the day). This is the last day of giveaways – thanks for playing along!

Comment below to be entered for this giveaway!
Giveaway items will ship out within 1-2 weeks.

Congrats to Kimberly Hinkle, our lucky winner who will be seeing things in a new light.

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184 Responses to “12 Days of Holiday Giveaways: Day 12”

  1. Anastasia Schulze Says:

    The Aidan Gray for sure – it’s classic but also modern.

  2. Susan Says:

    I love the modern light! really beautiful!

  3. Stephanie C Says:

    Love the Aidan Gray! Beautiful!

  4. Leah Profancik Says:

    Arteriors-love the beautiful glass!

  5. Cynthia J. Says:

    The Aiden Gray is definitely me…exquisite!

  6. Judy Says:

    Although I LOVE Aidan Gray, I am redecorating my living room using turquoise blue as the accent color – the glass lamp (times 2) would be perfect.

  7. Hendu Says:

    Definitely love the glass!

  8. patricia Says:

    Arteriors for me. I love the Modern perfection.

  9. Maureen Says:

    The Aidan Gray is a stunning piece.

  10. Candie L Says:

    The first lamp is gorgeous. My husband would love it

  11. Kim Says:

    I love the Arteriors. It would look perfect in my newly remodeled dining room.

  12. Adele Says:

    I adore that blue glass! It would go perfectly in my new nursery!

  13. Tracy Williams Says:

    Aidan Gray! Gorgeous!

  14. Debbi from @the beach Says:

    I love them both, but love the color of the glass lamp from Arteriors! Very beachy color:)

  15. CAROL M Says:

    I love the cool blue!

  16. 216amyc Says:

    I really love both designs, but the Aiden Gray would go better with my decor!

  17. Nicole Says:

    Aidan Gray – beautiful!!

  18. Dale Wilder Says:

    i love wrought iron!! just beautiful!!

  19. Melissa Says:

    Aidan Gray is timeless & unique!! Love it!

  20. Ashlee Geesaman Says:

    Aidan Gray! Seriously stunning!!

  21. gretchen Says:

    Love the cool aqua arteriors lamp!

  22. lisa Says:

    Both are wonderful. I love a statement piece.

  23. Jennifer H Says:

    Love the Aidan Gray!!

  24. Christina R Says:

    Love the Aidan Gray!!!

  25. Jeffery schone Says:

    Amazing! The Aiden is georgeous!!!!!!! Perfect lp waiting for my wife’s vanity table!!!

  26. Lori-Lynn Kelley Says:

    I love the arteriors for sure

  27. Lesia Chambliss Says:

    I believe I like the, Arteriors for sure – cool, clear. I really like the silver foil inside the shade.

  28. Cathy Says:

    It’s a hard choice but the Aiden Gray is so unique! I love the shade too.

  29. shelby Says:

    I love the Aiden Gray! Would fit perfectly in my living room

  30. Jennifer hampton Says:

    I love them both but I think my favorite is Aidan Gray because it is classic but not something you see everywhere.

  31. Cindy Brown Says:

    The Aidan Gray , it so fits my style. That is my pick

  32. Annette Taylor Says:

    Aiden Gray is definitely my style!!

  33. Angela A Says:

    I love the Arteriors so much! I love the Modern touch! So nice!

  34. Missy Says:

    On my wish list……Arteriors Lamp

  35. kareena murphy Says:

    I love the modern design of arteriors!

  36. J hampton Says:

    Aidan Gray for me..classic but not so
    Something I see everywhere.

  37. c y Says:

    I love the Aidan Gray-gorgeous!

  38. Deanna Hamsley Says:

    I think they are both so chic, but I’m an iron girl! Live the aiden gray!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  39. alysa Says:

    LOVEEEE Aidan Gray! GORG!!!

  40. Melody Jones Says:

    I have this Arteriors lamp!! It is more stunning than any picture could capture! Goes with everything.

  41. Renee H Says:

    Arteriors for me! Love it!

  42. Megan Says:

    Love both lamps but think the arteriors one would look best in my living room!

  43. Charity Austin Says:

    The Aidan Gray is gorgeous!

  44. tanya z Says:

    my favorite color blue

  45. Carrie Says:

    They are both so beautiful…who wouldn’t be thrilled. But, the Aqua glass is so unbelievably unique that one can’t help but be drawn to it!

  46. Morgan McLane Says:

    Arteriors for me!! The babies nursery would look perfect with this beautiful new lamp:-)

  47. Diana Gervits Says:

    Arteriors here. I love the pretty blue color and the modern style.

  48. NaTasha H Says:

    The Aidan Gray is beautiful!!!

  49. shara hancock Says:

    Glass all the way:)

  50. Mel Says:

    Arteriors! I just have a thing for turquoise. Love it. My living room is brown with coral and turquoise accents.

  51. Renae Says:

    Aidan Gray!! So beautiful!

  52. Susan Hallum Says:

    LOVE the glass lamp! Stunning.

  53. Megan Says:

    Love the glass…beautiful.

  54. Cyndi Peeples Says:

    It was hard to pick. The Arteriors was refreshing, but Aidan Gray fits better with me.

  55. Dana A Says:

    Love the arteriors! Would go great in my guest room!

  56. Chas Says:

    Aiden Gray all the way, baby!!!! This lamp has it all: eccentricity, uniqueness, need I say more? It is the perfect lamp to jazz up a room by offering it’s unique style. Simply put on a bedside table or nightstand would add elegance to the bedroom; or place it on a side table in the livingroom to add flair there! I’m loving it!

  57. Alex Says:

    Love them both!!!

  58. Charity S. Says:

    I really like the Aidan Gray Lamp.

  59. laurie mack Says:

    Love the aqua classic glass look. Aqua (and water) is a constant theme in my home.

  60. Summer Says:

    The Aidan Gray would look so good in my new house. It’s beautiful.

  61. Emily ward Says:

    Arteriors all the way!! Love the clean lines on this lamp!!

  62. Sadie Says:

    I like the cool, clear glass.

  63. Charlotte Says:

    Love the beautiful blue glass in the Arteriors. Would love to see it on my nightstand ;)

  64. -K Says:

    Love the blue glass!

  65. Claire Says:

    Arteriors looks amazing, i love the color !

  66. Nicole Says:

    Arteriors! Love it!

  67. christine {bijouandboheme} Says:

    Love the arteriors one- great giveaway!

  68. Katherine Says:

    The Arteriors Bexley Aqua Glass is beautiful

  69. Angela Tyler Says:

    I like them both, but I would have to pick the calmer of the two Aidan Gray.

  70. Brianna B. Says:

    The Aidan Gray is so unique! I love it!

  71. Addison Kat Says:

    Love the Aiden Grey!

  72. Cindy Jaeger Says:

    This was the hardest vote to make – they are both beautiful!

  73. Janese Says:

    Love them both! Voted for Aiden Gray!

  74. sonia zilvitis Says:

    Aiden Gray, so classic.

  75. jelena celeketic Says:

    love the Aidan Gray!

  76. dddiva Says:

    Love the Arteriors- stunning- I have the perfect spot for it too! ;)

  77. Heather Says:

    They’re both perfect, but I vote Aidan Gray

  78. Ginger Moore Says:

    the Aqua Glass lamp would go perfect in P’s ocean breeze themed room!!!!

  79. Liza Cardona Says:

    I love the blue lamp for sure!

  80. Sydney S Says:

    The Arteriors has me drooling over here! Absolutly gorgeous. I’d give it such a happy home =)

  81. Katy W Says:

    The clear glass is beautiful.

  82. Jessica Finch Says:

    love the artiers would totally go with my living room

  83. Zaida Napolitano Says:

    The Arteriors Bexley Aqua Lamp is just so beautiful.

  84. Julie Chunn Says:

    Aidan Gray, all the way – simply stunning!

  85. Kristen W Says:

    I love the Arteriors!

  86. kristin Korjenek Says:

    ♥ Aidan Gray~♥ this lamp … the shade is as lovely as the base.
    pretty please & thank you!

  87. Jen Says:

    It was hard to choose but the glass lamp won my heart!

  88. Nicole C. Says:

    Adrian Grey!!! I absolutely love the antique look!

  89. Shelli Says:

    They are both lovely but the Aiden Gray wins out. It would go so perfectly in anyroom in my home, especially my bedroom or family room. I absolutely LOVE it!!!

  90. Jennifer H Says:

    Love the Aidan Gray! Beautiful!

  91. Heidi Hower Says:

    Love them both, but the Aqua glass lamp is so crisp and clean. It wojuld be beautiful in my living space :)

  92. Tonya Wilon Says:

    The Arteriors lamp is just gorgeous!

  93. stacy Says:

    Love them both but have to go modern on this one

  94. Linda Says:

    Absolutely LOVE the Aidan Gray!

  95. Lisa Grassetti Says:

    Arteriors for sure – cool, clear glass and a shade lined with silver foil. Modern perfection! Very pretty!!!

  96. Pamela Says:

    I prefer a more modern sleek look so the Arterior is the accessory for me!

  97. Denise Collins Says:

    The Aidan Grey matches my decor more, but they are both really beautiful.

  98. Christina Says:

    wow! both are stunning, but I have to go with the Arteriors lamp

  99. Schmidty Says:

    Love the Aiden Gray!

  100. Maggie Shepherd Says:

    Love the Aiden Gray!

  101. Phyllis J Alexander Says:

    These lamps are beautiful. I would love to win either one for my new house! There is no lighting in three of my rooms. What a blessing this would be. Thank you.

  102. Jennifer M Says:

    Aidan Gray for a victorian/shabby chic look

  103. Cathy Kasa Says:

    Good morning..!

    I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2011.
    I hope that the new Year will bring you what your heart desires.
    The Adian Gray, just beautifull …and I really… but really need a lamp.
    Thank you for giving me a oportunity to participate in this give-away.

  104. cheryl Says:

    would love this

  105. Kim Redman Says:

    I LOVE everything by Aidan Gray…classic, European touches…his designs are absolutely beautiful.

  106. Terry C Says:

    The Aiden Gray IS stunning!

  107. Chelsea Raukar Says:

    Love the Aiden Grey! So pretty!!

  108. Cece Ashauer Says:

    The Anteriors lamp would look amazing in my newly redocorated guest bedroom!

  109. Erin Says:

    The glass lamp, without a doubt.

  110. Heidi Leasure Says:

    I like the Arteriors better. Cleaner lines

  111. Stephanie G. Says:

    Arteriors is so beautiful!

  112. Nichole Says:

    You said it….Aidan Gray, all the way – simply stunning!

  113. Rachel Verstraete Says:

    The Arteriors modern perfection is….perfection!

  114. Elizabeth Williamson Says:

    They are both neat and so different. I love the blue glass. It’s modern and the color is refreshing.


    The Aiden Gray is truly a work of art!

  116. Crystal Says:

    Arteriors-love the modernness and the beautiful color of the glass.

  117. Jen Maselli Says:

    Love the arteriors!

  118. Renee F. Says:

    I love the Aidan Greay lamp, it would be perfect for my Formal Living Room.

  119. clarissa Says:

    aiden grey for me

  120. Jenni Says:

    love them both, but the aidan gray matches my living room perfectly.

  121. Koren Says:

    the arteriors lamp is really stunning!

  122. Jan Says:

    Aidan Gray… Beautiful! perfect in my family room!

  123. Stephanie Says:

    My vote is for the Arteriors lamp, though I love Aidan Gray!

  124. Rosey Says:

    Looks like I’m in the minority with the Aidan Gray lamp, but I just love it.

  125. Michelle Tucker Says:

    Really like both of them, but the Aidan Gray is my favorite. Beautiful!

  126. Yvonne Says:

    I love, love, love the Arteriors lamp. Crossing my fingers that it can be mine! :)

  127. brittany dodd Says:

    love arteriors lamp!!!!

  128. Debbie W Says:

    This was a tough decision. I voted Arteriors.

  129. Dolly Says:

    Love the glass lamp

  130. Lindsay Says:

    Aidan Gray is definitely my style! Love it!

  131. mara Says:

    They are both stunning, but I like the Aidan Gray one. thanks.

  132. Megan Says:

    Love the aqua, very pretty!

  133. sandy Says:

    love em both but theaidan gray is more my style

  134. Cindi Says:

    I love the look of antiquity by Aidan Gray…
    There is a perfect spot in our library for
    this lovely lamp…
    Merry Christmas, Cindi

  135. FoxyMomma Says:

    Aidan Gray, all the way!! love it!

  136. Anne Says:

    Aidan Gray, all the way; it matches my sofa and loveseat!
    annemolino at hotmail dot com

  137. Erin N. Says:

    That Aidan lamp is simply stunning! I love the vintage look of it! I am in the process of re-doing my guest room to become a guest room/office and want to do a vintage cottage theme. This is perfect! So feminine and oh so beautiful!

  138. amelia8925@aol.com Says:

    I love the glass lamp. Very pretty!

  139. Tamara B. Says:

    My bedroom is crying out for that beautiful Aidan Gray lamp.

  140. Eliza Klinger Says:

    I love the Aidan Gray lamp! It is beautiful!!

  141. Nicole Sparling Says:

    Love the Adian Grey with it’s swirls and scrolls! Perfect for curling up with a good book! LOVE it!

  142. April Says:

    This was a tough one. I can see both of them in my house. Thanks for the 12 days of Christmas Layla Grayce style!

  143. Lynn Says:

    I just Love, Love, Love the Aiden Gray Iron Lamp – It’s simply gorgeous!!!!!!!

  144. Anne Doventry Says:

    That aqua glass is gorgeous!!!!

  145. Lisa Cook Says:

    Aiden Gray– the only choice for my kid & pet-friendly home. Elegant, yet sturdy!

  146. Renee Barnhart Says:

    I LOVE the Aqua glass! It would match my bedroom decor perfectly. Which means, if I won it, I would have to buy a matching one for the other nightstand!

  147. Melissa Says:

    Aqua glass lamp :)

  148. Angie K Says:

    Love Arteriors. Simple is good.

  149. Lisa Phelps Says:

    Love the Aqua Glass Lamp! Would look so beautiful in the bedroom!

  150. Tiffanie Says:

    Both are beautiful!

  151. Kari Says:

    Both of the lamps are equally beautiful although the glass lamp would look best in our home!

  152. Sarah Says:

    Aidan gray!

  153. Sofia Says:

    I voted: Arteriors for sure!! I hope I win!!

  154. Ron Miller Says:

    “Fra-gee-lay. That must be Italian.”

  155. donna graham Says:

    I like the clear glass look.

  156. Ruth Bousquet Says:

    The Aidan Gray is very classy to me.

  157. tanya Says:

    I LOVE the Arteriors blue lamp. Stunning, would be perfect in my living room!

  158. Donna Says:

    Love the ironwork on the Aidan Gray. Very classic and understated.

  159. Megan Says:

    Looks like a close one. Come on Aidan Gray!

  160. erin czop Says:

    I absolutely love the Arterior lamp!

  161. scott Says:

    Arteriors all the way….So cool and calming…modern yet elegant

  162. Rebekah Stewart Says:

    mod perfections :)

  163. smyke Says:

    Love the blue on the modern!

  164. Daniel M Says:

    Arteriors for sure

  165. Sheryl Says:

    Arteriors for sure. Matches my sister’s decor. Thanks!

  166. Gloria J Nicholson Says:

    Aidan Gray is the one for me.

  167. Tina M Says:

    I like the Aidan Gray

  168. lilcg Says:

    arteriors please!

  169. Jacqueline@MarblesRolling Says:

    The glass lamp is pretty and cool!

  170. Kirsten Says:

    Arteriors for sure is my favorite!

  171. Aisling Says:

    I love the gorgeous Arteriors lamp!

  172. Lisa L Says:

    Love the beautiful Arteriors lamp, the color is soft & pretty!

  173. Ellie W Says:

    The Aidan Gray is my favorite.

  174. Kathleen Gereg Says:

    Arteriors – cool, clear glass and a shade lined with silver foil. I love the ‘clean’ lines and color.

  175. Rachel G Says:

    The aqua glass lamp is so perfect.

  176. Alex Hamsley Says:

    Aidan Gray! My wife would love it.

  177. Sand Says:

    I love the Arteriors lamp!

  178. chris Conanan Says:

    i love the arterior modern look. matches my decor

  179. Lisa Says:

    Wow, they are both stunning! I am more vintage iron than modern cool blue glass – what lovely addition to any room this would be.

  180. Amanda Davis Says:

    Loving the Aidan Gray!

  181. Amanda Says:

    The Aidan Gray for me…the Aqua Glass for my girl. ;)

  182. Grace Says:

    Arterior goes so well with our modern decor!

  183. MaryAnn Says:

    the anteriors reminds me a beachglass, love it.

  184. Karen Says:

    Sweet lamps