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That ‘70s style

The Flora Play Tent by Layla Grayce
The Flora Play Tent by Layla Grayce

Farrah Fawcett’s hair, disco fever, and leather everything. Our wistfulness for ‘70s style has us rallying for the revival of the grooviest of vibes. This far-out trend was recently featured in Elle Decor, showcasing one of our favorite spring items: the Flora Play Tent. With a hippie floral print and room for fun, this space effortlessly delivers playful panache!

That ‘70s style by Layla GrayceThat ‘70s style by Layla Grayce
Photo Credits: Better Homes and Garden, Aimee Wilder

The ‘60s and ‘70s are back! We’re totally nostalgic for this endlessly cool era and the return of hip colors and bold flower prints. In fashion as well as home decor, this trend reemerges with bright trippy wallpaper, fabric accents, and full floral outfits with huge statement-making blooms. Get your groove on with these styles and revive the serene yet attention-grabbing energy of this era that’s making a major comeback for 2015.

That ‘70s style by Layla Grayce
Photo Credit: My Domaine

To master this fun trend, try laying a bold foundation with the Goa Pink Hand Tufted Wool Rug by Surya. With an eye-catching retro pattern and a swirl of spirited blooms in a vivacious colorway, rooms get a major revamp with a decade-centric pop of groovy style. To accent more subtly, try a mirror with a unique shape or texture, a brightly-hued side table, or an evocative chandelier with floral touches.

That ‘70s style by Layla Grayce

1. Stray Dog Designs Abby Mirror 2. Stray Dog Designs Tilda Accent Table 3. Canopy Designs Lulu Chandelier 4. Petunia Pickle Bottom Wistful Weekender Organic Succulent Garden 5. Surya Goa Pink Hand Tufted Wool Rug

Q&A With Loloi Rugs (feat. Cyrus Loloi)

Q&A with Loloi Rugs from Layla Grayce

We just love how Loloi rugs transform a room! From bold chevron prints and floral patterns to blended neutral tones and solid hues, this versatile collection establishes a unique vibe in any space with hand-knotted, tufted and looped textures. Looking to revamp your bedroom or living room? We interviewed Cyrus Loloi, principal for Loloi, to get the inside scoop on the best tricks for choosing the perfect floor covering to suit your style. Shop the Loloi rug collection here (and enjoy free shipping on the entire line!).

Q&A with Cyrus Loloi of Loloi Rugs

LG: When deciding on the size of a rug for a room, how large should the border of flooring around the rug be? Does it vary from room to room (bedroom, living room, dining room)?
CL: Keeping at least 18 inches of bare floor exposed by the rug’s edges is the classic rule, but it can vary depending on the area. If you have a smaller room feel free to bend this rule a bit, but allow for at least a few inches of space at the rug’s edge. Rugs right up against the wall end up looking like carpet, and that’s not what you want.

LG: I’m looking for a rug for a high-traffic area. What are some tips for choosing the correct rug for my lifestyle?
CL: In this scenario, you have to consider two things: construction and fiber. The most durable construction is hand-knotted, but flat weaves and hand-tufted rugs last fairly well and are considerably less expensive. For fiber, I recommend either wool, polypropylene, or polyester. Many people think that synthetic rugs wear out quickly, but polypropylene and polyester are actually extremely durable and stain resistant.

LG: What are the top 3 things I should consider when selecting my new area rug?
CL: In the rug world, it all comes down to color, design, and texture. First, you have to consider how the colors in the rug are going to coordinate with the room’s existing colors. The colors don’t have to match perfectly, but you do want to pick complementary tones. When in doubt, a natural fiber rug like sisal or undyed wool offers a very versatile look. Trust me, when you get color right, it makes all the difference.

For design, pick a pattern that fits your style and personality. Don’t be afraid to pick a traditional rug in a contemporary room, or a modern rug in a traditional room. As a word of caution, if you have elaborate wallpaper or patterned upholstery, a solid design like the Anzio Denim Hand Woven Wool Rug works best.

Texture plays an important role too. Textured rugs like the Sahara Ivory Hand Knotted Wool Rug offset the solid surface of your floor and draw your eyes to the dimension of the rug.

LG What are the biggest trends in rugs right now?
CL: I’m enjoying the wave of blues that designers seem to be using everywhere this year. Aqua, indigo, and navy are really on-trend right now, especially paired with white, like this rug.

Q&A with Loloi Rugs from Layla Grayce

On Trend: Metallic Bags, Totes & Purses!

Metallic Bags & Totes @LaylaGrayce
Inspiration, Rebecca Minkoff Bronze MAC, Botkier Valentina Platinum Convertible Bag, Rebecca Minkoff Bronze Clutch, Botkier Wanderlust Shopper, Botkier Valentina Platinum Satchel, Rebecca Minkoff Bronze MAC

You heard it hear first ladies: metallic is the new black! We are in love with this glamorous trend for summer. By opting for a metallic bag, you can go minimal on the jewelry and use your handbag as your bling factor! One of our favorite shining styles is the tote. The Botkier Wanderlust Anthracite Shopper offers the perfect way to travel in style this summer. For a smaller yet functional option, we can’t get enough of Rebecca Minkoff’s Honey Bunch Bronze Clutch. The perforated leather and rich hue have us lusting for this bronzed-beauty! Browse our full collection of handbags and find your own metallic must-have!

Moggit Girls: 5 Trends Gone Wrong

moggit - 5 trends gone wrong
Sure, we could do a ho-hum recap of the “Best Design Trends of 2010”, but we’re in the mood for something different, and Joy and Janet, the creative minds behind moggit are the perfect gals for the job. Their sassy, irreverent blog (tagline: the guilty pleasure of the decorating world) is one of our favorites, so in true moggit fashion, let’s hear from Joy and Janet and then let you vote on the worst of the worst!

Looking back on 2010, it seems to us that nearly everything was a ‘trend’. It seemed very trendy to be trendy. But if there’s one thing we love, it’s a good trend gone bad. And this year, there were a bumper crop of seemingly harmless trends that went off the rails…



1. WALL TO WALL CARPET: So while we don’t necessarily mind a good layer of soft, plushy wall-to-wall carpet under our feet (especially on the bedroom!) we do draw the line at installing carpets– and layering them– in a bathroom. Are people still really doing this?


2. NATURAL WOOD: Three words for this one, folks– Enough. Is. Enough. Maybe it’s a chick thing, but there’s only so much natural wood (or in this case– plywood) that we can take in one room.


3. GOING GREEN: We want to be clear, here. We’re definitely all for being eco-friendly. We’re all saving the planet. Heck, we’re even all for this whole ‘bringing-the-outdoors-in’ thing– all of which can be encompassed in this ‘Going Green’ trend, but just not like this.


4. ECLECTICISM: So here’s the thing– when you embrace eclectic as a design style, you really have to know when to say ‘when’. For us, eclecticism is all about showing off your personal collections, your unique and favourite objects and putting them all together in a way that just works. Can we just say it’s really, really not about doing this.


5. INDUSTRIAL CHIC: Industrial chic– it’s a trend that been around for a while, and shows no sign of slowing down. The very words conjure visions of ultra-cool lofts, fab floors, and beauty in the very functionality of it all. But we have just one question– if we embrace industrial chic, can we please just be comfortable while we do it?