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The Amazing Moby Wrap

Moby Wrap in Pacific
Moby Wrap in Natural
Moby Wrap in Sienna
Think of a dream carrier for a new baby – what would make it perfect? How about something that is comfortable for both mom (or dad, grandma, whomever) and baby, brings the two of you closer together and soothes fussy babies. It should be easy to wash AND simplify life for mom, allowing her to be uniquely close to baby while remaining hands free to do daily tasks, gentle workouts and breastfeed with ease. Sounds impossible, but Moby Wraps truly do all that and more. Uniquely designed without cumbersome padding, snaps or belts, Moby Wraps are easy to adjust and accommodate different positions and holds based on baby’s age and weight. Made from soft, slightly stretchy cotton, Moby Wraps have a devoted following who will gladly tell you what they love most Moby Wraps and baby wearing. We’re fans of how they can be used for skin to skin “kangaroo care” for newborns and still be used until baby is up to 35 pounds. Read more about these innovative wraps here and shop for your favorite color at Layla Grayce.

Which Petunia is the fairest of Fall?

If you are finding this question hard to answer, you are not alone. As the saying goes ?Äì ?ÄúPetunia Pickle Bottom: The original, collectible, fashionable, diaper bag.?Äù With strong designs this fall, oh how easy it will be to pick up a new bag (or two) to add to your collection. Perhaps it?Äôs the scrumptious Chocolate Decadence Cake Clutch with its melt-in-your-mouth velvet detailing. Or if a bolder modern look is more your flavor, indulge in Dancing in Dublin Boxy Backpack. Its chic Euro styling paired with Petunia?Äôs sleek and functional glazed exterior has this bag sky rocketing to best seller status. And who isn?Äôt wild about Scout? Their rugged Rubicon Rucksak (say that three times fast) was reviewed as the ?ÄúBest Daddy Bag?Äù by, so you know this bag is the cr?®me de le cr?®me and chicest of the chic ?Äì daddy-wise of course. Petunia my dear, you?Äôve done it again.

Recent Press Features


Much like a proud parent, Layla Grayce enjoys celebrating accomplishments and milestones. Prominent press features not only reaffirm why we do what we do, but provide the encouragement to keep our creative juices flowing. Thank you to Daily Candy, Daily Candy Kids, and InStyle online for a tremendous past and current few weeks. Highlighted products were Mor Body Butter and Jessie Steele Aprons. And make sure you stay tuned ?Äì more special promos and exciting features are always in the works!

Artisan Spotlight – A Gem of Summer

As an inspired artisan, Rachel of Adeline a Mare shares a few words with us regarding the visions and influences of her work.

?ÄúI have always from a very young age had an eye for all things beautiful and feminine. My grandmother taught me how to sew and crochet as a child, in school I was always drawn to art and photography. I guess jewelry was just a natural progression, and came somewhat easy for me.

Inspiring Rachel?Äôs creative process:

I love to sit at my worktable with all of my gemstones spread out in front of me, and I just play with different color combinations and textures….faceted stones with smooth, and golden wire wrapped coils, with pops of silver. Living in Hawaii I am always surrounded with vibrant colors, as well as a very unique hippie/chic/European vibe here on the north shore of Maui. My favorite color to work with, of course, is that beautiful aqua blue of the ocean, ahh…?Äù

Enjoy Rachel?Äôs quality collection and be the gem of your summer gathering all year round.
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For My Valentine ?Äì Perfect Gift Ideas For 20% Off

Oh my sweet, sweet Valentine ?Äì you deserve a gift as special as my love for you but what will it be this year? Let?Äôs see, how about something made especially for you ?Äì personalized jewelry? What a great idea! And how about something extra to pamper yourself with, like Mor Cosmetics bath and body products? Perfect! But it would be nice to treat everyone ?Äì a personalized bracelet or necklace for your daughter, special photo jewelry for grandma, a little something for yourself that you?Äôve had your eye on, but you don?Äôt want to go overboard ?Äì unless?Ķ you could get them all for 20% off!
Enter coupon code FORVAL on the cart page and save 20% off all our personalized jewelry and Mor Cosmetics bath and body products.
*The coupon expires on Monday, January 26th at midnight EST, can not be applied to previous purchases or combined with any other offers or promotions.

Dainty portraits photo necklace Glamour personalized toddler/child necklace True Love hearts necklace Mor Cosmetics

A Sweet Indulgence – Cake By Petunia Pickle Bottom

Cake by Petunia Pickle Bottom
Calling all fashionista moms! Layla Grayce now has the most delectable treat for you ?Äì Cake by Petunia Pickle Bottom. This collection of vintage inspired diaper bags blows us away with the attention to detail, lush textures and modern yet timeless style. Crafted of European inspired cut velvet and coordinating wool tweed on the outside, the water resistant lined interiors feature all the organizational pockets you need plus a matching Cake changing pad and wipey case. Available in a Cameo Clutch, Society Satchel or Cosmopolitan Carryall, these ?Äúdiaper bags?Äù can easily replace your favorite chic purse ?Äì and no one will ever be the wiser.

DwellStudio Fun Kit To The Rescue

DwellStudio Fun Kits
How clever is this? We?Äôre having a hard time deciding who will love this more – children or their parents. Picture this: You?Äôre out and about with your little angel, maybe visiting with a friend, grabbing a bite to eat with the family or hanging with the in-laws. And suddenly that little angel starts getting a wee bit out of control because they have NOTHING TO DO and repeating over and over ?ÄúWHEN ARE WE GOING TO GO MOM??Äù Before total meltdown ensues, the well prepared mom can pull out her handy DwellStudio Fun Kit and save the day. This all-in-one entertainment station comes with crayons and a scribble pad plus a zipped compartment for Play-Doh, small toys or pocket games. Made of coated canvas, DwellStudio?Äôs Fun Kit is compact and style savvy, available in your choice of five colorful, graphic prints. Ditch those broken crayon stubs nesting in some inner pocket of your purse and make room for the Fun Kit. You may even get to enjoy some uninterrupted adult conversation!

The Celebrity Approved Baby Sling

Slings are the latest trendy way to transport your tot. They?Äôve been around for ages, but new styling has suddenly made them one of the hottest, hippest ways to get around with your little bundle of joy. And which one is the celebrity favorite? Serena and Lily?Äôs Market Sling is everywhere ?Äì especially on new moms like Nicole Kidman, Camila Alves and Jessica Alba. It?Äôs eco-friendly, baby cozy, fashionable AND comfortable – a winning combination! Made of 100% organic cotton with hand embroidery and a soft, brushed interior that is gentle against baby?Äôs skin, the one piece design is easy to wear. Serena and Lily?Äôs sling is sleek and stylish ?Äì the perfect thing to protect your baby from the prying eyes of the paparazzi while looking like a star!